Mum measures baby’s age using pizza slices in cheesy photoshoots

Mum measures baby's age using pizza slices in cheesy photoshoots

(Picture: Dani Leigh)If you’ve ever asked a parent how old their young child is, they’ve probably replied in months (but sorry, most of us don’t know what 18 months means).
So perhaps a visual representation of their age would be much easier to grasp, especially if those visuals include pizza.
One mum who wanted to get creative about celebrating her son’s milestones did exactly that, setting up a photoshoot with pizza.
Photographer Dani Leigh from Maryland, U.S, used the cheesy slices to show son Lorenzo’s age in months, starting from one slice to show him as a newborn and going all the way up to his eleventh month.
The growth shoot featuring a wee Lorenzo side by size on a pizza box has gotten a lot of love online, having gone viral for its creativity.
Other mums and dads might want to up their game if they want to show off their child’s growth in a cool and delicious way.

Baby Lorenzo at one month old (Picture: Dani Leigh)‘I knew I wanted to do a monthly milestone project for my second son, Lorenzo.’ Dani explained to
‘When brainstorming with my mum, Lorenzo’s grandmother, she said that I really should do something Italian as an ode to his name.

At six months, Lorenzo was quite the fidgeter (Picture: Dani Leigh)

(Picture: Dani Leigh)‘I had tossed around a few ideas but ultimately decided if we were going to do this right, we may as well also get dinner out of it each month. So we settled on pizza once a month!
‘Our favorite among all four of us is white pizza (without tomato sauce). So good and not as messy for our little eaters who are messy enough to begin with.
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‘The shoots themselves last no longer than two minutes each. Lorenzo didn’t mind them as much when he was younger but around five and six months it did start getting more complicated.

(Picture: Dani Leigh)

(Picture: Dani Leigh)‘But, we finished the project now that he has turned one year old, which all that really mattered to me.’
We can definitely get behind using food to celebrate milestones.

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