Mum gives birth to twins 52 miles apart in ‘horrendous’ labour

Mum gives birth to twins 52 miles apart in 'horrendous' labour

A mother who gave birth to twin boys in different hospitals 52 miles apart is to have a review into her care.
The mother was rushed to Caithness General Hospital, in Wick, Scotland, after her waters broke at work while she was only 30-weeks pregnant in November.
But a decision was then made to move her to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness, 100 miles away, for more specialist treatment.

A mother was rushed from north Scotland to Inverness, but gave birth half way there (Picture: way through the journey the ambulance had to stop at Golspie Hospital in Sutherland, where she gave birth to her first little boy, who was in the breech position, just after 10.30pm.
An air ambulance had been called to take her the rest of the way, but couldn’t land because of frost on the propellers.
Fresh search for mum’s body 17 years after husband murdered herInstead, a doctor and two nurses were brought in by police escort from Inverness to Golspie to look after the first twin.
Eventually a decision was made to continue to Inverness and the mother and her newborn were driven the rest of the way.
The mother and two midwives travelled in the one ambulance and her newborn son and medical staff followed behind in another.

The mother initially went to Caithness Hospital (Picture: Google)Her husband followed in one of the police cars behind.
When they reached Inverness a second twin was born and taken to the special care baby unit along with his brother.
They spent six weeks in hospital before being allowed home.
Dog owner fined £1,500 for refusing to pick up poo in his own gardenAlthough the woman has nothing but praise for the staff who went above and beyond to save her and her children, she says she can’t help but think what could have gone wrong.
According to the Daily Mail, she said: ‘We would like to know why weren’t we flown to Inverness? Why could specialists not come up to Wick? Why are Wick and Golspie staff expected to work like that?
‘Golspie wasn’t prepared for such an emergency but they did what they could and they did amazing.

It was decided she should go to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness for specialist care (Picture: PA)‘This shouldn’t be the case. We dread to think what could have happened if the road was closed by an accident or bad weather.’
Health campaigners described the unnamed woman’s ordeal as ‘horrendous’ and claimed it raised more questions about the provision of maternity services in the far north.
A NHS Highland spokesman said safety of the mother and children was the first priority of the health board and ‘standard assessment, triage and transfer protocols’ were followed in this case.


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