Mum finds blue rubber in Cow&Gate baby food as jars are urgently recalled from supermarkets

Mum finds blue rubber in Cow&Gate baby food as jars are urgently recalled from supermarkets

A MUM-OF-ONE was left “shocked and scared” after she found a large piece of blue rubber in the baby food she was about to feed her 15-month old daughter.
Rhea Bremerkamp, 31, from Gloucester in Gloucestershire, had bought the Cow&Gate jar at a local Asda for her daughter Harley Haigh.
Rhea Bremerkamp Rhea Bremerkamp, 31, found the blue rubber in baby food she bought for her daughter
Yesterday, the baby food manufacturer urgently recalled jars of its Cheesy Broccoli Bake Stage 3, claiming it had found 17 jars that contained pieces of blue rubber out of a batch of 77,000.
Rhea, who works at Gap in her local area, told the Sun: “I was so worried my baby could have choked or inhaled it.
“The food is quite lumpy so I could easily have missed it, and it could’ve got stuck in my daughter’s windpipe.
“It scares me thinking about what could’ve happened.”
PA:Press Association The baby food being recalled is suitable for babies aged 10 months and older
Rhea Bremerkamp The mum-of-one noticed the rubber as she was about to feed her baby
The rubber, which had the size of a 50p coin, looked like it came from gloves used by Cow&Gate staff, Rhea said.
She bought the jar on March 23, and says she contacted the manufacturer as soon as she saw the rubber.
The food being recalled is suitable for babies aged 10 months and older, but Rhea said she feeds Harley the food as she doesn’t have proper teeth yet.
She added: “I was shocked to see how big the piece was that I contacted Cow&Gate straight away.
“They asked me to send it to them to check that it was their product, and since then I’ve received an explanation and apology.”
Rhea Bremerkamp The piece was almost as big as a 50p coin
She’s also been given £20 in vouchers as compensation. But Rhea, who’s always bought products from the brand, has now been put off from buying the jars.
“I’ve always bought a lot of their products, such as the jars and fruit pouches,” she said.
“But I’ve stopped buying the jars after I found the rubber.
“I noticed it in March, and they’re only recalling it now. What if I had bought another of the affected jars and not noticed?”
A spokesperson for Cow&Gate told The Sun: “We are very sorry about Ms Bremerkamp’s experience with our babyfood and we would like thank her for contacting us, which helped us to thoroughly investigate this issue.
“We now know that some jars in one batch of Cheesy Broccoli Bake 10+ months contain pieces of thin, soft, blue rubber glove.
“We regret that this happened and have issued a recall on the affected batch to make sure that other parents do not have the same experience.”
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And Booths recalled corned beef because it could contain metal pieces.
Tesco and Asda have also pulled own brand cereal bars from shelves over fears they contain salmonella.
B​aby food made by Cow & Gate has been recalled from every major supermarket because it could contain pieces of blue rubber

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