Multivitamins aimed at children fail to provide enough vitamin D, study says

Multivitamins aimed at children fail to provide enough vitamin D, study says

MOST multivitamins aimed at children fail to provide enough vital vitamin D, a study claims.
Scientists even discovered one product contained zero levels of the nutrient, which strengthens bones.
Getty – Contributor Scientists have discovered some multivitamins sold by UK retailers to contain zero levels of vitamin D
Oxford and Southampton University researchers tested 67 products labelled as containing vitamin D or promoting “healthy bones”.
However, only one in four provided the daily 400IU (International Units) recommended by Public Health England.
Of 24 specific vitamin D products, only five had the recommended amount.
Low levels are common in UK kids, particularly during winter, and deficiencies can lead to rickets — soft, weak bones.
Known as the “sunshine vitamin”, it is created by the body when exposed to sunlight.
Dr Benjamin Jacobs, of the Royal College of Paediatrics, said the findings were “highly concerning”.
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He added: “These products are misleading parents who think they are protecting their children.”
But the Health & Food Supplements Information Service said they should be a top-up, and not “replace the nutrients in food”.
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