M&S slashes price of its colour-changing gin to £15 a bottle in time for Mother’s Day

M&S slashes price of its colour-changing gin to £15 a bottle in time for Mother's Day

YOU can soon buy colour-changing gin at M&S for just £15, and the offer is on in time for Mother’s Day.
The posh supermarket will slash the price of its two magical gins that change colour when you add tonic by £10 – down from £25.
M&S M&S is selling its two colour-changing gins for just £15 for Mother’s Day
There are two flavours: a blue-purple lavender tipple, and a pale gold one that tastes like rose.
But just like a magic potion, they will transform before your eyes when you add tonic water to them.
The lavender gin turns a blue-tinged pink, while the rose gin turns a bold shade of pink.
They’re on offer from next Tuesday, March 5 until April 1 – the day after Mother’s Day on March 31.
M&S The lavender gin changes to a blue tinged pink colour
The gins will be on sale in stores and online (with a £3.50 delivery charge) – so if you want to treat the mum in your life to a bottle, head to your nearest branch or the website asap after March 4.
They’re currently out of stock on the website, but a spokesman said there’s still good availability in stores.
The gins have an ABV of 39 per cent, which is actually stronger than the minimum requirement of 37.5 per cent.
They’re made by The Old Curiosity Distillery in Edinburgh and first launched at M&S last year in April.
M&S says the two gins are “delicately scented” and are infused with “floral botanicals,” so it sounds like they would be perfect in a cocktail.
A spokesman said you could even garnish them with a rose petal or a sprig of lavender if you’re feeling really fancy.
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M&S has nearly 1,000 shops in the UK. You can find your nearest branch using its online store finder tool.
In other gin news, you can now buy glittery bubblegum pink gin for £24 a bottle.
And Echo Falls has released a wine infused with GIN that sounds perfect for hot, sunny days.
For gin at a bargain price, B&M has started selling bottles of pink unicorn gin liqueur for £17.99 a bottle, and it’s supposed to taste of marshmallows.
Echo Falls now does a gin-infused rosé and they are a match made in heaven

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