M&S blasted for selling knickers with ‘pointless’ plastic hangers

M&S blasted for selling knickers with 'pointless' plastic hangers

M&S has been blasted for sending customers “pointless” plastic hangers — for knickers.
Thousands a week are thought to end up in landfill — adding to the “catastrophe” of plastic pollution.
EBay M&S has come under fire for selling knickers with ‘pointless’ plastic hangers
Staff at M&S — the UK’s biggest-seller of underwear — retain hangers when women’s knickers are bought in store.
But they are sent out through the post to customers who order undies online, even though they are not needed.
Friends of the Earth’s Emma Priestland said: “Is there anyone who actually hangs up their underwear?
“This is a perfect example of the pointless plastic that blights our lives and our environment.”
One customer tweeted after receiving a set of hangers with her undies: “What on earth is anyone supposed to do with these? They look destined to end up in a whale’s stomach.”Another said: “Just had some undies delivered and each one came on an unnecessary, plastic, individual hanger.
“Lovely items, but when will you stop this wasteful practice?”
It comes after Sir David Attenborough described plastic pollution as an “unfolding catastrophe”.
A charity report claimed it is causing the deaths of up to one million people in developing countries.
M&S sells more than 60million pairs of knickers a year, with one in four women buying from the store.
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The retailer is now investigating the practice.
It said: “As we work towards our goal of becoming a zero-waste business by 2025, we’re actively looking at removing lingerie hangers before sending online orders to our customers.
“We encourage all our customers to bring back their hangers to our stores where they can be reused or recycled.”
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