Mrs Crunch’s sparkling tips and products for sprucing up your home after the Easter chaos

Mrs Crunch's sparkling tips and products for sprucing up your home after the Easter chaos

BRITAIN’S cleaning habits have been buffed, scrubbed and dusted down and now have a shiny new image.
Thanks to online influencers, led by the popularity of Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch, cleaning has never been so popular.
Getty – Contributor Mrs Crunch’s sparkling tips and products for sprucing up your home after the Easter chaos
Buff up your cleaning routine with these sparkling tips from the experts at the frontline of the cleaning revolution. But all that kit does not come cheap.
Today I have got great buys for you if you want to clean up after the chaos of the Easter holidays.
Nicola Lewis
Nicola, (@_thisgirlcanorganise), author of Mind Over Clutter, has these tips to help keep things tidy
“I hate to throw away single use plastic, so I reuse grape boxes as containers for the bottom of my fridge.”Takeaway cartons are great for organising small items that belong in your kitchen junk drawer and large juice bottles are fab for storing and pouring the kids cereal.
“With a little bit of creativity, you can create so many useful containers to be placed inside your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom drawers.”This will bring you clarity – plus you are also saving items from being thrown to landfill or floating in our oceans.”Emily Norris
Kika Mitchell Emily, (@mrsemilynorris), of Channel, gets your clutter sorted with these quick fixes
“If you find that a room takes longer than ten minutes to clean, it’s time to declutter and minimalise.Set time aside to go through each room and only keep things you love or use.”Go through your wardrobe every season and donate unworn and unloved items to charity. At the same time, go through make-up and beauty products.”Aim to have a place for everything — think about problem areas and get creative. Can you fit a sliding cupboard under the stairs for shoes and bags? Hooks on the back of doors for towels and baskets for toys?”They don’t cost much but can make your home seem more spacious.”Lynsey Mayhew
Lynsey Mayhew, (@lynsey_queenofclean), author of How To Clean Your House And Tidy Up Your Life has these natural fixes
“Use baby oil to shine stainless steel and use tumble drier sheets to dust blinds and TV screens.”Cola is great for getting rid of stubborn toilet marks, while white wine vinegar is great for getting rid of mould in bathrooms – just leave it for ten minutes and then rinse.”For another natural cleaning hack, use half a lemon and some bicarbonate of soda to tackle limescale and water marks on shower screens.”
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Sophie ‘Mrs Hinch’ Hinchliffe
Rex Features Mrs Hinch gives these tips in her book, Hinch Yourself Happy, for using her favourite product Zoflora
To ensure a germ-free bin that smells nice, soak a cloth in diluted Zoflora and wipe it out, not forgetting the lid and surrounding areas, inside and out.
Keep your bin fresh smelling for longer by diluting your favourite Zoflora disinfectant in a trigger spray containing water, then spray directly on to the rubbish in the bin.
You can even soak kitchen roll in Zoflora and pop it in the bottom of your bin, before adding the bag. Dilute Zoflora in water in the sink and leave your dishcloths to soak.
Do this at the end of every day then, by the next morning, your kitchen will be7 fresh-smelling and dish cloths hygienic.

WIPE OUT: Flash 60 extra large anti- bacterial wipes cost £2.30 at Ocado, or get three packs for £3 – saving £3.90.
TUG OF RUG: Save £1.50 on Vanish Gold carpet foam at Ocado, now £4.50.
CLEANER CONSCIENCE: Ecover camomile and clementine washing up liquid, 950ml, down from £2.45 to £2 at Morrisons – saving 45p.
SQUIRT & WIPE: Save £1.97 on Dettol Power and Fresh multi purpose cleaning spray. Was £3.97 now £2 at Morrisons.
NATURAL REMEDY: Sainsbury’s new Alkimi range uses natural ingredients. Alkimi shiny surface cleaner with bergamot oil and lemongrass extract is £3.
GREAT ALL-ROUNDER: Save £1 on Regina Blitz, two kitchen rolls, was £3.50 now £2.50 at Morrisons. Offer ends on Sunday.
CLEAN UP: Lidl’s W5 lemon all purpose cleaner, 79p.
BLING BOWL: Get two for £2 on Harpic White and Shine bleach toilet cleaner, or £1.28 each at Waitrose.
READY FOR ANYTHING: Surf, 5.2kg, 80 washes, was £12 now £7 at Morrisons – saving £5. Offer ends on Sunday.
MOP TOP: Save £1.60 on Vileda SuperMocio 3 action mop, was £8, now £6.40 at Waitrose.
WINNING SPONGE: A favourite of Mrs Hinch, M&S’s non-stick cleaning sponge, nicknamed The Markeh by the cleaning guru, is £1.

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