MPs have voted to put Brexit in the hands of Parliament’s most blunder-prone Tory buffoon

MPs have voted to put Brexit in the hands of Parliament's most blunder-prone Tory buffoon

Mr Mayhem
BREXIT is today in the hands of Parliament’s most blunder-prone Tory buffoon. It’s hard to imagine how things could get worse. But Oliver Letwin will find a way.
MPs voted for this diehard Remainer and Old Etonian twit to take charge of votes on mainly “soft Brexit” alternatives.
Rex Features Letwin has had career highs before, but triggering his own party’s destruction and ushering in years of Marxist rule would cap it all
If his cunning plan was to scare the Tory ERG and the DUP into finally backing Theresa May’s deal, it does not as yet seem an unalloyed success.
MPs will pick from several options, mostly unrecognisable to the 17.4million Leave ­majority and a bad result for Britain on a scale from “very” to “indescribably”.
If one wins a majority today or next Monday, Remainers then aim to compel Mrs May by law to negotiate it with the EU. We highly doubt she will.
She or any new Tory leader is more likely to risk an election than be forced to preside over the deliberate betrayal or cancellation of Brexit, about which Remainers are now openly salivating.
Sadly, the likely result is Tory wipeout — with voters raging at their failure, Nigel Farage hoovering up Leavers — and Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street.
What a result that will be for Letwin. Yes, he has had career highs before, what with convincing Maggie Thatcher to keep faith with the hated poll tax, dumping secret letters in a public bin, plotting with Hacked Off to shackle the Press and inviting burglars into his home.
Jacob Rees-Mogg WILL back Brexit deal – but only if rebellious DUP come round too
But triggering his own party’s destruction and ushering in years of Marxist rule, with millions losing jobs and our economy destroyed, would cap it all.
Letwin is, technically, a clever man. No doubt the no-mark ex-ministers Richard Harrington, Alistair Burt and Steve Brine — who resigned their posts to back him — imagine they are too.
Not one has the simple common sense to foresee the carnage they are unleashing.
Remain ruse
IT is hard to exaggerate how grim Tory MP Nick Boles’ “Norway Plus” or “Common Market 2.0” idea would be for Britain.
PA:Press Association The Norway Plus arrangement fails to control immigration
It means staying in the EU — Single Market, Customs Union and all — with no say over the rules. It fails to control immigration, keeps us paying vast fees and prevents our own trade deals.
Brits have become more relaxed about migrant numbers because they thought Brexit would bring us control. Watch ­Norway Plus slam that into reverse.
As for other options: new referendum? Revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit?
If you’d like Britain to be more angry, divided and ungovernable, sure, try those.
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Penalties, now
IF Uefa is serious about racism it must get tougher on Montenegro.
Getty Images – Getty Raheem Sterling and other black England players faced disgusting verbal abuse on the pitch from Montenegro fans
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Five matches in an empty stadium might knock sense into their Neanderthal fans.
Three ministers resign as Commons takes control of Brexit process from PM Theresa May ahead of indicative votes


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