MPs expected to approve proxy vote plans for colleagues with newborns after outcry over Tulip Siddiq’s delayed caesarean

MPs expected to approve proxy vote plans for colleagues with newborns after outcry over Tulip Siddiq's delayed caesarean

MPS were last night expected to approve plans to introduce proxy voting for politicians who have just had a baby.
The change comes weeks after a furious outcry erupted when Labour MP Tulip Siddiq delayed a caesarean so she could take part in a crunch Brexit vote.
PA:Press Association Tulip Siddiq MP caused outcry after she delayed the caeserean birth of Raphael so she could vote on Brexit
It will mean MPs who are heavily pregnant or who have newborns will be able to send a colleague to vote on their behalf.
New mums will be able to take six months off, while fathers who are not the main carer will be able to take a fortnight off.
Ministers came under massive pressure to overhaul Parliament’s old-fashioned rules after Ms Siddiq, 36, delayed the birth of her son Raphael.
She defied doctors’ orders and was pushed through the division lobbies in a wheelchair by her husband.
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Ms Siddiq, MP for Hampstead & Kilburn in London, said change is ‘long overdue’.
Labour MP Harriet Harman said it is wrong to expect women MPs to drag their newborns to Westminster with them if they want to vote.
She said the reform is a ‘very simple and long overdue way forward’ to ensure female politicians have a voice in Parliament while on maternity leave.
​​Pregnant ​Labour MP Tulip Siddiq delay​s the​ birth ​of her baby boy ​to vote down Theresa May’s Brexit ​deal​


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