MP Ian Austin had to quit Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour because he’s dedicated and has zero tolerance for racism

MP Ian Austin had to quit Jeremy Corbyn's Labour because he's dedicated and has zero tolerance for racism

Another’s Left
IAN Austin is a dedicated, principled MP with zero tolerance for racism. Naturally he had no place in Corbyn’s Labour.
His resignation is even more significant than that of the others, except the Jewish MP Luciana Berger, in that he did not scuttle off to join a second referendum pressure group.
PRU Ian Austin is a dedicated, principled MP with zero tolerance for racism
He was a Remainer too but, unlike them, intends to keep his election promises to see the result through.
Austin is a veteran Labour man, now “ashamed” of Corbyn and his Marxist mates. A man raised by Jewish parents to battle anti-Semites, only to watch the party he loved for 35 years become a safe space for them.
There was no regretful farewell from Corbyn’s malevolent mob. Only the sniping insults of Chris Williamson, a fan of Venezuela’s vicious tyranny and probably Parliament’s most odious MP.
What a state the Opposition is now in.
But the “moderates” who remain are in denial if they think it can be saved.
Labour peer Lord Bragg tells The Sun he hopes for a new leader — and to “change it from within”. That is even less likely than “reforming” the EU.
Corbyn and his cronies have won. Ed Miliband and others gifted the party to them. And replacing Corbyn would change nothing… without the entire shadow cabinet, Corbynite officials and hard-left membership being ousted too.
It won’t happen. Fantasising about it is self-indulgent and delusional.
Ian Austin says he’s become ‘ashamed of the Labour party leader’ and Jeremy Corbyn states he ‘regrets’ his resignation
Betrayer Jez
THE Sun has always said Corbyn would betray Labour’s Leave voters in the end. Watch it happen next week.
It will be an unprecedented democratic outrage for a main party to back a second referendum before the first is enacted. But Corbyn says that is now “very much part of the agenda”.
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell admits the party is “moving towards a people’s vote”, even using the Remainer- run ­campaign’s deceitful nickname.
The vast majority of Labour’s at-risk marginal seats, and those they need to win to take power, backed Leave.
And those voters are watching.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn does not believe there is a widespread culture of bullying in the party
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Remain Utd
THEY’RE not short of ego, are they?
The new 11-strong Independent Group of MPs say their ultimate aim is to form a Government. As it stands they can just about form a Sunday league side.
And if we were in any doubt their only real policy so far is to overturn Brexit, Ian Austin’s refusal to join clinches it.
As for a “new kind of politics”, all we see is a club of centre-ground Europhile Labour and Tory MPs who vaguely agree they preferred Blair (and maybe Cameron) running the show.
Forget the spin. Where are these new ideas?
Because Britain certainly needs some.
Getty Images – Getty Jeremy Corbyn says a second referendum is now ‘very much part of the agenda’ for Labour
Far-left George Galloway says he wants to rejoin Labour


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