Morrisons slashes price of ‘hottest ever’ curries to just £1.50 each

Morrisons slashes price of 'hottest ever' curries to just £1.50 each

YOU can now spice up your life for less as Morrisons has slashed the price of its “hottest ever” ready meal curries.
You can now pick up its heat-at-home curries for £1.50 each down from £2.75 – and the range includes the supermarket’s ultra-hot Flaming Fiery Phaal and Volcanic Vindaloo.
Morrisons Morrisons’ fiery ready meal curries are on sale for £1.50 right now
There are ten ready meals included in the deal, which is in stores and online until April 7.
They’re all the same weight, 350g, so there’s no difference between them when it comes to value for money.
Nine of the ten ready meals contain meat but there is one that is suitable for vegetarians: the saag paneer.
They range from a mild korma all the way up to the newest Flaming Fiery Phaal, which launched in October last year.
It contains chicken, a tomato and onion sauce, spices, and fiery scorpion, naga and green chillies.
Morrisons The curries contain fiery green and naga chillies, which can be used in tear gas grenades

Bargain hunters were loving the deal on
Morrisons claims it’s so hot it has to come with an eight chilli warning on the front of the ready meal.
The second-spiciest curry in the range is the supermarket’s Volcanic Vindaloo, which comes with a six-chilli warning.
Both contain naga chillies, which are said to be hotter than pepper spray and they have also been used to make tear gas grenades.
But the phaal contains scorpion chillies too, which are thought to be even hotter.
The deal was spotted by bargain hunters on
One said: “My favourite supermarket curries. Well worth this price.”
Another wrote: “I never really bought ready meals but tried these and they are lush!”
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Morrisons has nearly 500 stores in the UK. You can find your nearest branch using its online shop finder tool.
There are other ways you can save money at Morrisons too as the supermarket is selling a huge pack of meat that can make 14 meals for £10.
The supermarket is also selling 1litre bottles of Bailey’s for £12 at the moment.
And you can also get the first ever Fray Bentos veggie pie in a tin for £1 at the supermarket.
Morrisons is selling a glittery PINEAPPLE Easter egg this year

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