Morrisons is selling purple Lambrini for £2.50 that tastes of parma violets

Morrisons is selling purple Lambrini for £2.50 that tastes of parma violets

LAMBRINI has launched a brand new parma violet flavour, available exclusively in Morrisons stores.
The plonk is on sale now for a bargain £2.50 for a 75cl bottle, although this price is a promotional one that will later rise to £3.25.
4 This new parma violet flavoured Lambrini is on sale for £2.50 in Morrisons
We’ve asked the store how long the promotion is running for, and we’ll update this story when we know.
The new sparkling perry comes in a purple bottle covered with flowers, which Lambrini says is a “nod to the 90s with a favourite old school flavour”.
The sweet-flavoured drink is currently only available in 185 of Morrisons’ 493 stores nationwide but you’ll be able to get bottles online from Monday.
Use Morrisons’ store locator tool to find your nearest, although it may be best to call ahead to check it stocks the fizz before making a special visit.
While the drink is exclusive to Morrisons at the moment, Lambrini says it is likely to appear in other supermarkets if it’s popular.
Fans on social media were excited about the new launch.
4 4
4 Fans on social media were very excited about the new flavour
On Twitter, Lucia Harper said: “CJ just went into Morrisons and cleared the shelves of parma violet Lambrini. What a laugh”.
Matthew added: “I won’t stop till I find the mystical place that sells parma violet Lambrini”.
And Lo said: “Cherry lambrini is soooo good, IMAGINE parma violet.”
Parma violet is the fifth drink in the Lambrini range.
We’ve asked what the alcohol by content volume (ABV) is and how many calories is in it and we’ll update this story as soon as we get a response.
The original Lambrini, which is 6.5 per cent ABV, is available in a 75cl bottle and a 1.5l bottle.
The 75cl bottle costs £2 at Tesco, while the 1.5l bottle is just £3 at Sainsbury’s – the cheapest prices we could find.
There’s also a skinny original version that comes with half the calories. It’s 3.5 per cent ABV and contains just 29 calories per 125ml glass.
Where to buy the new parma violet flavoured Lambrini
It’s currently on sale for £2 per 75cl bottle at Morrisons.
The final two flavours are Lambrini cherry and Lambrini strawberry, both of which come in 75cl bottles. The strawberry version is also available in a 1.5l bottle.
It’s the most alcoholic of the Lambrini range, coming in at 7.5 per cent. By contrast, the cherry flavour is just 5 per cent ABV.
At the moment, in Morrisons you can get the cherry flavour for £3.25, while the strawberry version costs £3.50 for 75cl.
Lambrini is a sparkling perry, but lots of people mistakenly think it is a sparkling wine.
Perry is an alcoholic drink made from fermented pears, in a similar way to how cider is often made from apples.
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