Morrisons’ hot sausage rolls now CHEAPER than Greggs

Morrisons' hot sausage rolls now CHEAPER than Greggs

SAUSAGE rolls are now cheaper at Morrisons than at bakery chain Greggs – but you have to buy four at a time.
A four-pack of sausage rolls served warm is now half price at the supermarket, down to £1.25 from £2.50.
Morrisons has reduced the price of four sausage rolls by half
The cheapest you can buy four Greggs sausage rolls for is £1.79.
That’ll get you four frozen ones from Iceland, which you have to bake in the oven at home.
It’s cheap, but still 54p pricier than four of Morrisons’ hot sausage rolls this week, which are now priced at just 31p each down from 62p.
If you wanted four fresh ones from Greggs, you’d have to fork out £3.80 as each meaty sausage roll costs 95p.
Iceland You can buy four frozen Greggs sausage rolls at Iceland that you can bake at home
If you don’t mind your rolls cold, you could order four on Deliveroo for £2.85 if you’re near enough to a Greggs that’s on the food delivery app.
But that’s still pricier than buying them from Morrisons.
The sausage roll sale is only on at the supermarket until Sunday, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to pick up pastries for less.
Unfortunately, you can’t buy them online as they’re only available in Morrisons stores from its Market Street deli counters.
Morrisons said its sausage rolls haven’t been this low in price since the 1990s.
There are even cheaper ways to satisfy your meat and pastry cravings, though.
Aldi, Asda and Lidl sell eight chilled sausage rolls for 99p.
Asda also sells 50 frozen cocktail sausage rolls for just 88p.
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Morrisons has nearly 500 stores in the UK. You can find your nearest branch using its online shop finder tool.
Deliveroo is giving away 6,000 free Greggs sausage rolls on Friday – but only in London.
One outraged mum was furious when she was told her local Greggs wasn’t posh enough to stock the new vegan sausage rolls.
Meanwhile, Greggs has one of the cheapest reusable cups around after we revealed that some cost up to £15.
Morrisons is selling a glittery PINEAPPLE Easter egg this year

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