‘Monster’ ex-police officer who raped two women jailed for 18 years

'Monster' ex-police officer who raped two women jailed for 18 years

Matthew Essex was called a ‘vicious’ and ‘jealous’ man by the judge (Picture: MEN Media)A former police officer who raped two women and held one of them captive has been jailed for 18 years.
Matthew Essex, 38, was called a ‘monster’ by one of his victims, who he punched in the face, stamped on and pulled around by the hair.
He made her lay in bed next to her son after raping her then dragged her back downstairs to attack her because she was crying.
One of his victims said: ‘He would just constantly want to know where I was, what I was doing, he’d check my phone daily.
‘The time he raped me was because he checked my phone and it showed on my locations that I’d been somewhere in Rastrick [West Yorkshire]
‘I mustn’t have told him in detail where I was.’

The former police officer showed ‘contempt’ for his two victims (Picture: MEN Media)It was then that he raped her downstairs in his Huddersfield home before sending her upstairs to lie in bed next to his son.
The woman, who lived with her parents at the time, said: ‘Then because I was laid in bed crying, he dragged me back downstairs by my hair while his son was watching.’
‘He raped me again, beat me up, stamped all over me, dragged me back to bed, hid my keys, hid my phone.’
Essex then locked her in his house all night and only released her in the morning when he knew her mum and dad would start looking for her.
Passenger films Ryanair ‘flight from hell’ as festivalgoer vomits in seat behind himThe victim said her tormentor’s son did not see the rape but ‘would have heard all the commotion’.
She added: ‘He told me it was my fault and nobody would believe me if I said what had happened and his son would stick up for him and whatever else.’
As soon as she was free she went straight to the police and a rape clinic.
A few weeks later, Essex sent her an email saying he was going to commit suicide and needed to explain something face-to-face.
‘Peacemaker’ gunned down in Wembley named as Craig SmallShe sent emails in response, saying: ‘Leave me alone, I’m scared’.
Essex said he would come to her family’s house, adding: ‘Your dad’s going to get sent to prison for killing me if I come to your house’.
She eventually agreed to met him and ended up trapped in a routine of daily beatings over the course of the following year.
After the trial, she said: ‘It’s been a rollercoaster. It’s emotionally drained me – it’s taken over two years of my life.’

Essex, 38, made one of his victims go to bed next to his son after raping her (Picture: MEN Media)She said giving evidence was the ‘worst thing she’s ever done in her life’ and says she was ‘coming out with panic attack after panic attack’.
Essex was given an extended licence of four years on top of his 18 year jail term at Leeds Crown Court on Monday.
Judge Robin Mairs called him a ‘vicious’ and ‘jealous’ man who had treated his victims with ‘contempt’.
He added: ‘In a pre-sentence report you continued to blame the victims which is part of your twisted ideology of offending.
‘It has had a deep and profound effect on these women.
‘They are still scared despite you being remanded in custody.
‘How long these effects will last is unknown. It is hoped this sentence will bring some closure.’
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Essex was found guilty of three counts of rape; two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, one count of false imprisonment, and one further charge.
He pleaded guilty to three charges of assault by beating.
Essex was subject to a suspended sentence for theft when he committed the offences after being convicted of stealing £28,000 from Lascelles Hall Cricket Club, where he was treasurer.
DC Nicola Kingdon said: ‘We welcome the very strong sentence given to Essex today for what have been horrendous sexual offences committed against two victims, as well as an offence of false imprisonmentcommitted against one woman, and coercive behaviour against another.
‘It is no exaggeration to say he attempted to dominate every aspect of his victim’s lives and reacted with anger and violence when he was challenged.
‘His behaviour clearly had an appalling impact on both his victims and we wish to praise their courage and strength in helping bring a prosecution against him.’


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