Moment Apprentice star Michelle Dewbury shames leftie activist for ‘bullying’ her off-air

Moment Apprentice star Michelle Dewbury shames leftie activist for 'bullying' her off-air

APPRENTICE star Michelle Dewbury has shamed a leftie activist for bullying her in an off-air clash.
The former candidate laid into journalist and Jeremy Corbyn backer Paul Mason for being “deeply rude” to her when the cameras were turned off during a BBC broadcast this lunchtime.
BBC/Politics Live Michelle Dewbury accused Paul Mason of laughing at her and dismissing her allegations of bullying against her today
The businesswoman described her “deeply unenjoyable” experience of being a Parliamentary candidate in 2017, and said she was bullied by Momentum activists.
But in a heated spat, Mr Mason dismissed her experience and laughed at her while a clip was being broadcast, she claimed.
She said on Twitter she offered up evidence of what had happened to her and he replied: “I’m not interested”.
In the conversation which aired beforehand she explained: “We had the police involved multiple times. We had people turning up at my campaign office.
“I’m not a liar. You’re very dismissive in your attitude,” she added.
“I was standing as an independent candidate in a Labour seat. There was no reason to hate me, no reason to try to bully me, yet I experienced that day in, day out, exclusively from people who identified as Labour supporters, particularly those who identified themselves as Momentum supporters.”
The programme then cut to air another clip, but afterwards she said the conversation between her and Paul in the break was “deeply rude”.
“Paul, when I called you out on that, you sat and laughed,” she said.
“You don’t take it seriously when people are giving you feedback.
“There is this bullying that’s been going on and your reaction is to be rude to me.”
He urged her to put the allegations to Labour’s HQ and Momentum’s bosses instead.
“I would dispute your account,” he claimed.
“We are divided because the NHS is being destroyed, a stupid Brexit plan is going wrong, it’s dividing communities. There’s poverty everywhere.”
BBC/Politics Live The Apprentice star and businesswoman said she was laughed at and Mr Mason was ‘deeply rude’ to her off-air

I’m certainly of the view that Paul was unnecessarily dismissive, and yes even more so when not on air. I can understand why @MichelleDewbs was annoyed.— Daniel Finkelstein (@Dannythefink) March 11, 2019

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BBC/Politics Live Paul Mason said he disputed her accounts and urged her to provide evidence
Tonight Ms Dewbury said she was “100 per cent happy” for the BBC to release footage of the off-air debate, but the BBC has said it won’t be doing so.
She tweeted: “I’ve had enough of this bullying, condescending, misogynistic attitude from some in @UKLabour.”
And added: “All decent @UKLabour politicians need to get a grip of the ridiculousness which is sweeping their party, before it’s too late..
I should be #Labour through & through, but I wouldn’t vote for you at the moment if you paid me…”
Fellow Politics Live guest Danny Finkelstein backed her up tonight, tweeting: “I’m certainly of the view that Paul was unnecessarily dismissive, and yes even more so when not on air. I can understand why @MichelleDewbs was annoyed.”

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