Modern Warfare breaks cover with trailer showing gun battle in Picadilly Circus

Modern Warfare breaks cover with trailer showing gun battle in Picadilly Circus

CALL OF DUTY is no stranger to controversy, and the next version of the hit game looks set to be no exception.
With the tagline “the rules have changed” the very first trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare shows a gun fight between terrorists, the police and the military in the centre of London.
6 The trailer leaves absolutely no doubt where the action is taking placeCredit: Activision
6 The sight of terrorists shooting up the streets of London is certain to cause controversyCredit: Activision
One female terrorist can be seen jumping onto the bonnet of a parked car and firing an assault rifle through the windscreen of a parked car at Piccadilly Circus.
In the trailer, which is advertised as being entirely composed of in-game footage, the player is shown taking cover behind a car before shooting towards the central island at the popular London landmark.
The game promises players “an incredibly raw, gritty, provocative narrative,” and will feature action in a number of “iconic European cities.”
“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare pushes boundaries and breaks rules the way only Modern Warfare can,” according to Activision.
6 Even as one of the ‘good guys’, a game that lets players shoot up London’s streets will draw ireCredit: Activision
6 The game promises to ‘shine a light’ on the changing nature of war in the 21st centuryCredit: Activision
The two-minute video shows off many other locations too.
It starts with a special operations soldier moving through woodland at night before a squad of soldiers assault a small house.
After a voice-over reveals that “chemical weapons are in the wild” scenes of destruction play out in what are described as the “volatile expanses of the Middle East”.
In one, a cheering soldier in make-shift gear waves an AK-47 in the air and cheers.
6 The game features ‘Tier 1’ special forces, with Britain’s SAS taking centre stage in the trailerCredit: Activision
6 The action in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare spans Europe and the Middle EastCredit: Activision
Shortly afterwards a small child wearing a gas mask can be seen crouching down near some green grass, before looking back as he hears the sound of an approaching jet.
As the child fades from view there is a voiceover from the original spec-ops soldier, saying “we get dirty – but the world stays clean. That’s the mission.”
The London section of the game is in a mission that follows a terrorist attack in London, according to early reports on the content of the game.
Your SAS squad then has to raid a house on London’s outskirts, taking out terrorists before they can blow it up.
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Other sections of the game will see you play as a female Middle Eastern ‘rebel’ called Farah, who was radicalised after her father was killed by the Russian military.
The trailer reveals that the game is, as had been expected, coming out on October 25, and more information on it is expected imminently.

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