Missing ‘Planet 9’, untraceable radio signals and ‘alien probes’ – the strangest space mysteries baffling astronomers

Missing 'Planet 9', untraceable radio signals and 'alien probes' – the strangest space mysteries baffling astronomers

STRANGE celestial objects are scattered all over the universe but some are much more mysterious than others.
From a potential new planet in our solar system to pink space bubbles and an ‘alien probe’, the following six unusual phenomena continue to baffle astronomers to this day.
SWNS:South West News Service Planet 9 is thought to be beyond Neptune
Planet 9
Many space experts are growing increasingly certain that there is actually a ninth planet in our Solar System.
This mysterious planet, aptly named Planet 9, is thought to exist just beyond Neptune.
Some estimations of Planet 9 have predicted that it is ten times bigger than the Earth and could take at least 10,000 years to orbit the Sun.
The huge distance between us and the potential planet means that pinpointing its location and taking photographic evidence are extremely tricky.
Getty – Contributor The International Space Station has reported strange activity in an area of the Earth’s magnetic field
The ‘Bermuda Triangle of Space’
The Earth’s magnetic field contains an area the size of 200km which has been nicknamed the ‘Bermuda Triangle of Space’.
The region was given this name because of reports from astronauts on the International Space Station who said that when they travel across it, the area can cause computers to malfunction.
Some astronauts have even reported seeing cosmic flashes when they float across this region.
The Hubble space telescope is also unable to make observations in this mysterious place.
EPA This potential ‘alien probe’ is cigar shaped
An ‘alien space probe’
In October 2017, astronomer Dr Robert Weryk spotted the first interstellar object to arrive Solar System.
Referred to as Oumuamua, the cigar shaped entity could be up to a kilometre long but no more than 167 metres wide.
Harvard space expert Professor Avi Loeb argued that the object could be an ‘alien probe’ from a dead extraterrestrial civilisation.
YouTube Astronomers still don’t know where some space radio signals are coming from
Suspicious radio signals
Fast radio bursts, also referred to as FRBs, are sudden and rapid radio waves that commonly last for milliseconds.
The first radio signal with no clear source to be picked up by a radio telescope occurred in 2007 and scientists still don’t know how to explain them.
They are thought to come form hundred of millions of light years outside the Milky Way and some people believe they are sent from aliens trying to make contact.
La Silla Observatory This object has the properties of both a comet and an asteroid
This flying space object is often referred to as a comet, but also displays the characteristics of asteroids – causing a lot of debate amongst astronomers.
It orbits within the asteroid belt but has a dust like tail like a comet.
It is the only known celestial object to show both of these characteristics, so space scientists were hoping to settle the argument once and for all by launching the Castalia spacecraft for a closer look in 2028. Sadly, the mission failed to gain enough financial support.
Alamy The Fermi Bubbles emerge from the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole
Pink space bubbles
The Fermi Bubbles are two huge space structures that emerge above and below the centre of the galaxy.
Research has suggested that the bubbles were produced by the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole.
The bubbles bulge out of the Milky Way in an hour glass shape and are essentially matter that is escaping from a black hole.
They were spotted in 2015 by Nasa’s Fermi Gamma-Ray Telescope.
They are said to be made solely of gamma rays and span a length of around 50,000 light-years.
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