Missed the London Marathon? Other 2019 marathons you can still apply to

Missed the London Marathon? Other 2019 marathons you can still apply to

Rather than a marathon all in one, this weekend set of races allows competitors to split things up.
Those taking part will do 10 miles on both the Saturday and Sunday and a 10K on the Monday. This is lucky for those who sign up as there won’t be much time to train; it’s on the weekend on 4 May.
Registrations are still open, and cost up to £56 for all three runs.

This race promises to be extremely picturesque, and the beautiful views may even make you forget the burning pain in your calves.
Starting at Brathay Hall, Ambleside, this takes place on 19 May, and looks over England’s largest lake.
Entries close on 15 May, and cost £47.

Fancy running around Lake Windermere? (Picture: David Goddard/Getty Images)
For music and marathon lovers, this one is dream. The event – on May 25 – promises to ‘let the beat go on as you discover Liverpool’s rock/ pop history along your marathon or half marathon journey.’
The medals are also pretty jazzy too.
Register now for up to £69. Nice.

Not long after this is the Derry Marathon, with runners twisting around the city and the River Foyle.
Registration costs £50 plus fees, and will be absolutely worth it for finishing up in the historic Guildhall Square.

Heading through the National Park surrounded by trees is certainly one way to complete a marathon.
This one takes place on Sunday 8 September, and you can even book a camping pitch in the area if you want to stay the night afterwards.
It costs up to £47 to enter.

Lyndhurst High Street, New Forest (Picture: Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)
For those looking for a tough marathon, this is the one to go for.
Reaching gradients of 1:3, runners will brave the mountainous route climbing up to both Blea Tarn and Foulstep twice.
A standard adult ticket is just £26, and you can enter up until race day (19 October).

This race is on an entirely off-road course, which means it couldn’t be further from London.
Set in the gorgeous Northumberland countryside, you could make a real weekend of it.
Entries cost up to £41, and spectator passes are £3 each.
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