Minecraft fan finally defeated after playing same game for five YEARS

Minecraft fan finally defeated after playing same game for five YEARS

A MINECRAFT geek who set the record for the longest single game has finally been slayed  —  after five years.
Gutted Phil Watson, 31, was killed by a zombie baby wearing enchanted armour and then eaten by a spider.
North News and Pictures Phil Watson set a record playing Minecraft, but it is now over after his character in the game was killed

He filmed his own demise, which has been viewed online one million times.
Phil is heard reeling from the shock, yelling: “No . . . Really? That’s how I die? Oh my God . . . a baby zombie?!”
Phil started the game in 2014 and had averaged 20 hours a week. His character scored 761,246 points.
Players usually last between only 15 minutes to three months. Phil, of Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, said he played the game on the “Hardcore” mode meaning his character could not be brought back to life if he was killed.
He said: “The moment I died the first thing that fell over me was disbelief. You can hear it in my voice.
“It didn’t really sink in that I’d died for the first couple of seconds.
“Then I felt depression, sadness, and a little bit of anger. To be honest, I am surprised I didn’t die sooner.
“I’d been taking a lot of risks.”
The supermarket worker added: “It was never about being the best or the longest, I just liked playing it and managed to survive.
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“I did start to think it was getting a little ridiculous but I couldn’t stop myself. In the end I ran out of luck.
“But it’s not over. I’m starting to get that urge to go on another journey.”
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