Minecraft Earth mobile game lets you build whatever you want in the real world

Minecraft Earth mobile game lets you build whatever you want in the real world

YOU’RE going to be able to see your Minecraft creations come to life in the real world very soon.
Minecraft World is coming this summer, and brings the blocky world into your world using augmented reality.
Minecraft The trailer shows players plonking down their creations in the real world for all to see
You’ll play it on your phone, and as well as bringing Minecraft’s creatures into the real world, it will let you build anything you want and place it in the real world, life-size.
You can collaborate with other players to make huge builds for your neighbourhood, collect creatures to populate them, and even battle hostile mobs.
The app looks to be using augmented reality technology to bring Minecraft characters and creations to life, using the phone’s camera to realistically super-impose them on real-life objects in front of you.
The launch trailer for the game shows players building miniature versions of their creations on a table top — and those same creations then dropped into a finished location in the world.
You can give your house Minecraft turrets, find pigs roaming your local park, and even find Minecraft secrets as you look at the world through your phone screen.
The trailer shows the potential of the system to augment your neighbourhood with Minecraft creations
The game is going to be free to play, and won’t have loot boxes.
There will be a limited test run this summer that you can sign up for now.
We don’t know when it will be publicly available, though.
The announcement for the game also promises areas to explore, with a brief glimpse of a secret tunnel entrance in the trailer.
Microsoft also says there will be survival elements too, with hostile mobs to battle and defeat.
Does augmented reality exist now? Where can I try it?Here are some iPhone and iPad AR apps you can download today

Pokémon Go (download) – an AR app that lets you capture virtual Pokémon while exploring the real world around you
IKEA Place (download) – this app lets you virtually “place” IKEA products in your home or office, to see what they’d look like if you bought them
AR MeasureKit (download) – this app uses Apple’s AR technology to measure objects in the real world using your iPhone or iPad camera
Giphy World (download) – use this app to place huge 3D animated gifs in the world around you
Euclidean Lands (download) – an amazing 3D puzzle game that takes place through the lens of your camera in your own living room

Microsoft One suggestion of what the AR world might look like in the new Minecraft mobile game
The reveal is part of Minecraft’s tenth anniversary celebrations, with a huge event planned later tonight.
Pokémon Go is probably the best-known AR game at the moment, and is currently in the midst of an event promoting new Pokemon movie Detective Pikachu.
The Minecraft game could follow in Pokémon’s footsteps like the upcoming Harry Potter AR game, Wizards Unite, where players have to interact with objects in different real world locations to play the game, and can find and interact with characters out and about.
Pokémon Go’s latest features let you see that game’s characters in the real world too
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However, the interface spotted on the phone suggests something a little different to that, hinting at a game that will let eager players create structures in the virtual world for other players to find.
Either way, more will be revealed next week, when the game’s birthday festivities will be be streamed online at Minecraft.net.

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