Millions of Brits have no idea how their ears work despite half suffering from aural health problems

Millions of Brits have no idea how their ears work despite half suffering from aural health problems

MILLIONS of Brits admit they know nothing about how their ears work, despite 45 per cent of those surveyed having suffered from a health condition related to their ears in the past.
A study of 2,000 adults revealed how poor our ear knowledge is, despite the fact most people have suffered from ear conditions at some point in their lives.
Getty – Contributor Do you know what an eartrumpet is?
Two in five have had earache and over a third have felt the sensation of their ears being plugged with wax.
Thirty five per cent are familiar with the sound of ringing in their ears and one in five have experienced hearing sensitivity, where sounds feel too loud or distressing to them.
Almost half could only confidently name the ear drum when asked about the anatomy of the ear, and a baffled one in six thought ‘the eartrumpet’ was a vital mechanism in their inner ear, despite being fictitious.
Unsurprisingly, one in five would consider their own knowledge on ears and ear health to be below average.NOT ENOUGH CLEANING EARS
Meanwhile, a third of those surveyed still thought it was safe to clean your ears with cotton buds, despite the potential damage they can cause to your eardrum.
And, one in five have never cleaned their ears before.
The study was carried out by ear drop company Earex.
Dr Roger Henderson, a leading GP and ear expert, said: “The golden rule is that you should never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear.
”Your ears are very sensitive so when you put anything inside you are at risk of damaging its sensitive lining.
“Cotton bud use can push wax further into the ear, impacting it and making ear problems worse.
“It is well known that when using headphones with a high volume for a long period of time, you risk potential damage.
Never put anything smaller than your elbow in your earDr Roger Henderson
“However, a lesser known issue is the impact of physically pushing something into your ear.
“Extensive use of in-ear headphones can act as a ‘stopper’, preventing the wax from dispelling naturally.
“Likewise, in just one hour of wearing bud headphones, the number of bacteria in the ear increases by 700 times.”EFFECT OF POOR DIET
Additionally, only 30 per cent of those surveyed knew an unhealthy diet contributes to poor ear health, and three in four were unaware smoking can have an adverse effect on your ears, too.
It’s therefore unsurprising that the new findings, carried out by OnePoll, reveal 26 is the age when Brits think hearing tests should start being factored into regular health check-ups.
Despite the call for hearing tests from a younger age, two in five Brits believe the quality and clarity of their hearing has diminished as they’ve got older, as average age people experience hearing loss being 57.
Dr Henderson added: “The number one cause of earache is earwax build-up, which affects over one third of ear pain sufferers.
“Earwax is important for ear health as it helps to protect the lining of the ears.
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“However, too much wax can sometimes build up, causing mild hearing loss, known as conductive deafness, as sounds can’t pass freely through the ear canal because of a blockage.”
Earex is available to purchase from the its website, convenience stores, grocers and pharmacies nationwide.
For more information visit:
Getty – Contributor Cotton buds can actually be really dangerous for your ears
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