Milkybar now comes in non-white MILK chocolate for the first time

Milkybar now comes in non-white MILK chocolate for the first time

FOR the first time in 83 years, Nestlé has created non-white Milkybar chocolate.
The new Milkybar Mix Ups grab bags include a mix of milk and white buttons and will be in supermarkets from next week.
Nestle It’s the first time there’s been a milk chocolate Milkybar product in 83 years
The confectionery giant says customers have asked the firm to to mix white and milk chocolate together “for a long time”.
Designed for little and grown-up Milkybar kids, the white chocolate buttons have a milk chocolate cocoa filling, while the milk chocolate discs have a white chocolate centre.
The milk chocolate is the same recipe used for Rolos, as the treats are both made at Nestlé’s Fawdon factory, near Newcastle.
You can buy them in four pack sizes, starting from 65p for a single 32.5g pack up to £3 for a 196g sharing bag.
How do the new Milkybar Mix Ups taste?IMOGEN was one of the first to try the new treat. Here’s what she thought:
Is a Milkybar really a Milkybar if it’s brown, not white?
I’m a huge white chocolate fan so I was worried the new milk chocolate treats would lose the iconic milky taste of the original bars.
They look tempting mixed up with the white chocolate discs in the bag.
And they’re just the right size for popping mindlessly at your desk.
I shouldn’t have worried.
The milk chocolate is the same used for Rolos and it has the same caramel-like taste.
Inside there’s a milky white chocolate filling that gives you a burst of ultra-sweetness.
It’s the same Milkybar taste we’ve all known and loved for 83 years.
The white chocolate buttons taste even more familiar.
But the milk chocolate centre cuts through the intense sweetness you get with white chocolate.
After tentatively eating a few, I started making Mix Up sandwiches to see how they tasted together.
They don’t lose the milky taste, so they get a thumbs up from me.
And they could even convert white chocolate haters.

Nestle You get half of the white chocolate buttons and half of the milk chocolate discs in a pack
They will go on sale at all major supermarkets from next week but prices will vary.
Each bag will contain exactly half of each type of Milkybar Mix Up, Nestlé said.
Alberto Pisanello, assistant brand manager for Milkybar said: “Milkybar is famously white chocolate so it needed to be something special if we were going to mix things up.”
Last year, it experimented with milk chocolate for the first time when it launched Milkybar Wowsomes – a white chocolate bar with an oat cereal and milk chocolate filling.
Nestle The new treats are made at the same factory as Rolos near Newcastle and use the same milk chocolate recipe
The bar contained 30 per cent less sugar and launched ahead of the UK’s sugar tax guidelines.
But this is the first time Nestlé has released milk chocolate coated treats.
Kevin Shrimpton, factory manager at Nestlé Fawdon told The Sun: “We are really excited to be producing under the Milkybar brand for the first time.
“We are doing a lot of work at the factory to focus our particular areas of expertise and it’s great that we have been able to put our knowledge and experience on Rolo to good use in creating Milkybar Mix Ups.”
The new Milkybar Mix Ups contain 81 calories per serving of six buttons – well under NHS guidelines advising children to only eat two 100-calorie snacks a day.
Milkybar has been on shelves since 1936, and is widely believed to have been the world’s first white chocolate bar.
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Milkybar Wowsomes – the world’s first chocolate bar ​that ​reduce​s​ sugar content by 30% versus comparable bars

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