Mike Tyson building video game arena on his weed farm

Mike Tyson building video game arena on his weed farm

FORMER heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, has invested in a competitive gaming team.
The convicted rapist has invested an undisclosed amount of money in Fade 2 Karma, a team that made its name playing family-friendly online card game Hearthstone.
Tyson was a controversial figure during his boxing career
As part of the deal, a new gaming centre is being built at Tyson Ranch, the home base of Tyson’s marijuana business near Los Angeles.
According to ESPN, The Ranch House is going to be an all-singing all-dancing esports base.
It’s going to have private live streaming rooms for players to beam their games onto the internet, a content production centre and a rooftop party deck.
It’s also going to include a space to hold tournaments, with a stage to play on.
Helena Kristiansson for Blizzard Entertainment Hearthstone matches can be very tense, and are played out in front of big audiences
Not only that, there’s also going to be an entertainment production studio that the team is going to operate.
After revealing the deal, Tyson appeared on stream with a bunch of professional Hearthstone players, and tried his hand at the game.
Tyson told ESPN he “really sucked real bad” at the game, but admitted while he had played games such as Call of Duty before, this was his first time playing Hearthstone.
The game sees players building decks of cards representing characters and skills from Blizzard’s Warcraft universe.
Players take turns to lay down cards from their hands and draw fresh ones from their decks as they battle to protect their own hero and take out their opponent’s.
Playing a character adds them to the field of battle, while using a skill can do anything from damage your opponent’s hero to healing your own characters, weakening your opponents’s cards or strengthening your own.
Blizzard Entertainment Hearthsone is a card game that is easy to pick up, but very hard to master
Fade 2 Karma comprise a bunch of top-tier competitive players and popular streamers from around the world, including the UK.
Tyson’s interest in esports was spurred by his son, and Fade 2 Karma were picked out as a team to partner with by his team at Tyson Ranch.
He recently claimed that smoking psychedelic drug DMT had “killed the monster inside”.
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In an emotionally charged and tearful interview, available in the UK on ESPN Player, Tyson said: “I don’t want to be that monster when I die, I don’t want to be remembered as that guy. He is very toxic and dangerous for my family and my wife. He doesn’t care about them but they are all I care about.

“But I know what it took to make that guy and the experiences we went through to make him so I know he will not disappear overnight.

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