Michael Jackson ‘refused to speak on Mondays in bizarre ritual to ‘conserve his energy’ and high-pitched voice’

Michael Jackson ‘refused to speak on Mondays in bizarre ritual to 'conserve his energy' and high-pitched voice’

MICHAEL Jackson apparently “refused to speak on Mondays” as part of the star’s bizarre ritual to protect his high-pitched voice by “conserving his energy”.
The singer’s odd habit was revealed by writer and broadcaster Gyles Brandreth, who said he thought Jackson was “rude” for ignoring him.
Rex Features Tight-lipped: Mondays were a no-speaking day for the famous singer
Gyles said Jackson ‘was wearing gloves, mask…’
Appearing on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, the former MP told the show’s hosts: “I was once caught in a lift with Michael Jackson – he was wearing gloves, the mask and everything.
“I was with [illusionist] Uri Geller, who knew him, and we were going up in this lift, and I thought, I’m not going to get much of an opportunity to meet Michael Jackson again, so I chatted away – he didn’t reply.
“So I thought I’d demonstrate my moonwalk, and I was doing this, and was quite restricted in the lift, [I was] sort of bumping into Uri at the same time.
“And then Michael Jackson got out at the end, and didn’t say a word.
“I said to the minder, ‘that’s a bit rude of Michael Jackson’, and he said, ‘it’s a Monday, Mr Jackson never speaks on a Monday’.”
Brandreth added: “Michael Jackson apparently never spoke on a Monday to conserve his energy.”
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Jackson’s private life has recently been hitting headlines after a controversial new documentary, Leaving Neverland, was shown.
The documentary, which has been slammed by the late star’s family, is a two-part film made by British filmmaker Dan Reed, and contains interviews with two men who claim they were abused by Jackson when they were children.
Gyles Brandreth tells Sunday Brunch hosts that he was snubbed by Michael Jackson
Gyles Brandreth appeared on the show at the weekend
Rex Features Michael Jackson couldn’t wait to escape the broadcaster – especially when he began moonwalking in front of him


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