Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robson tells Oprah he feared pop star would turn into the WEREWOLF from Thriller after ‘being molested aged seven’

Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robson tells Oprah he feared pop star would turn into the WEREWOLF from Thriller after 'being molested aged seven'

A DANCER who claims Michael Jackson abused him when he was just seven-years-old feared the pop star would turn into the Werewolf from Thriller.
Wade Robson, now 36, claimed he found the King of Pop sobbing in a dark corner of his bedroom when he was supposed to leave the Neverland ranch.
Wade Robson claims Michael Jackson abused him when he was aged just seven
“At night, you’d wake up and he’s crying,” he told Oprah on her HBO After Neverland program.
“I hear this sobbing, the room is dark and I see this figure. Michael is huddling in the corner sobbing.
“I was just seven-years-old. I thought he’d turn into the werewolf from Thriller.”
In the music video for his hit song Thriller, Michael famously transforms into a hairy werewolf with sharp fangs and bright yellow eyes.
During the conversation, fellow accuser James Safechuck added: “Michael would cry a lot.
“He would cry because he’s so lonely. You want to be there for him.”
He appeared on Oprah’s show alongside fellow accuser James Safechuck (right)
Oprah hosted a conversation before an audience of survivors of sexual abuse and others whose lives have been impacted by it
Ahead of the interview with the Leaving Neverland accusers, Oprah Winfrey was inundated with hate-filled messages from Michael’s fans.
The late singer’s brother, Jermaine Jackson, also weighed in saying the documentary’s allegations have no credibility.
He wrote: “So many in media, including Oprah blindly taking Leaving Neverland at face value, shaping a narrative uninterested in facts, proof and credibility.
“We faced similar ‘graphic’ claims and trial-by-media in ’05. Jury saw through it all.
“Trial-by-law proved Michael’s innocence long ago. Fact.”
Taj Jackson added: “You are right. I’ve been around my uncle only thousands and thousands of hours.
“And since my uncle is not here to defend himself, the credibility of the accusers matter. And Wade and James have none.”
Michael Jackson pictured with Wade Robson shortly after they met
HBO Jacko called the eight-year-old ‘Little One’ in his
Oprah said she knew she would receive backlash for the interviews, telling the audience for the show, “I’m gonna get it”.
She added: “This movie transcends Michael Jackson. It allows us to see societal corruption. Beware of people who just want to be around your children.”
Wade claims he was molested at Neverland Ranch by Michael Jackson when he was just seven.
He says the abuse went on for seven years, and alleges two Jackson firms were used to lure kids.
His lawyer Vince Finaldi said guests were ferried to the ranch in limos, given plane tickets and had food and accommodation paid for.
Wade Robson’s Australian family told film makers, that Jacko would send so many creepy messages the boy’s bedroom would often be swamped with paper.
AFP or licensors Wade, now 36, claimed he found the King of Pop sobbing in a dark corner of his bedroom when he was supposed to leave the Neverland ranch
The HBO documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ – shown in the US last night – also told how the pop oddball composed a lullaby for the schoolboy using his nickname for the boy ‘Little one.’
Robson sang part of the lullaby, which began: “Has anyone seen / My little one / My little one is here” on the documentary.
The chilling tune was written following Wade’s return to his home country after spending months with Jackson in the States.
“We used to spend hours and hours and hours on the phone. He called every day, for two years,” revealed Robson.
“He started calling me apple head. I would call him apple head some times. And then he started calling me Little One. I don’t know where it came from but that became my name from him.”
After the family got a fax machine, the superstar had a new way of deluging the schoolboy with messages.
In the faxes, Jacko expressed his love for the eight-year-old while adding he wanted him to return to the US to be with him.
The Wannabe child star first met Jacko again in 1990 when he flew to appear at Disneyland and was invited with his family to meet the star at Neverland.
Robson said: “We were all tripping out on this place…it was just out of a storybook…out of a fairytale. It felt like travelling to another planet.
“He says you can stay in the guest quarters with your parents or if you want you can stay with me in my room and I was like ‘I want to stay with Michael.’
“I had met him four hours ago, but it felt like we knew him. He had been in my living room every day in my ears via his music and posters. I’d known him, I thought.”
However, he claims things soon became sinister.
He said: “The first day at Neverland was Michael making physical contact with me. His hand on my thigh, hugs…it felt great. Out of all the kids in the world he chose me to be his friend.
“Within the context of what was going on it seemed normal. The days were filled with playing tag, watching movies, he taught me how to do the Moonwalk….this contrast began between the day and night.
“We were going to sleep in his bed. The first thing I remember was Michael moving his hands across my legs. And then his hands got to my crotch area and he was fondling there – I was seven years old.
“Fondling my penis over the top of my pants and then his hands went underneath my pants and he started touching my penis.
“There was nothing aggressive about…it just didn’t seem that strange.”
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The Australian-born dancer, 36, previously filed a lawsuit against Jackson’s estate in 2016 asking for $1.62 billion in damages.
In his complaint, Robson claimed that he was raped by the King of Pop for seven years, starting when he was seven and ending when he was 14.
That suit was eventually tossed, with the judge ruling that the singer’s estate could not be held responsible for the allegations being made by Robson.
Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robson tells Leaving Neverland doc how King of Pop penned creepy ‘Little One’ lullaby for him
AP:Associated Press Wade Robson, Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed and Jacko accuser James Safechuck
Rex Features Michael Jackson’s former Neverland Ranch where Wade Robson claims he was molested

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