Metropolitan elite is normalising cocaine use and the victims are poor kids trafficked into county lines – The Sun

Metropolitan elite is normalising cocaine use and the victims are poor kids trafficked into county lines – The Sun

Coke’s victim
WHILE Tory leader candidates rush to confess to past drug use, Sajid Javid is right to highlight how the use of cocaine by the middle classes destroys lives.
Last week a report branded the UK the cocaine capital of Europe and warned of the “Uberisation” of the drugs trade.
4 The metropolitan elite is normalising cocaine use and the victims are poor kids trafficked into the county lines crime syndicatesCredit: Getty – Contributor
Our story today on cokeheads in Tunbridge Wells illustrates the extent of it.
Of course, the lives being destroyed by class A drugs are rarely those of the well-heeled customers.
The users simply line the pockets of the drug dealers, fuel the crime-wave that goes hand-in-hand with the drugs trade and don’t give a damn about the harm caused to those caught up in the drugs chain.
More and more that means children trafficked into the “county lines” crime epidemic.
It also includes young people sucked into class A drugs use because they see it being normalised by the metropolitan elite.
The idea that snorting coke at dinner parties is a victimless crime is a fiction.
A new deal
PIG-headed Michel Barnier has been at it again. The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator warned that there would be no reworking of our withdrawal agreement just because we will have a new Prime Minister.
But while he continued playing hard-ball, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was telling Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt that the EU will consider a new deal drawn up by the next PM.
4 Pig-headed Michel Barnier is blocking the UK from getting a good Brexit deal – the sooner he is out of a job the betterCredit: Reuters
That was even before Boris Johnson’s threat to withhold our £39billion “divorce payment” until a satisfactory deal is on the table.
Mrs Merkel knows better than most that it is in everybody’s interest — the EU’s as much as ours — to get an acceptable deal. Without one, we all lose.
The sooner that Mr Barnier is out of a job the better.
WHERE have all the red-blooded males gone? And we don’t just mean those whose pulse quickens at the sight of a pretty girl.
The number of men giving blood has dropped by a quarter in five years.
4 Come on guys, Britain needs more blokes to donate blood – let’s go out there and save some livesCredit: E+ – Getty
Blokes are being put to shame by the ladies as new figures show two in every three new donors are women.
Come on guys. It’s time to show us what you’re made of, and save some lives.
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Give It Back
HERE’S one misdemeanour Tories should be falling over themselves to own up to.
Why don’t they admit it was a mistake to lose £434million of funding for families with disabled kids?
4 Back our Give It Back campaign to help families like seven year-old Ollie and his mum VickeyCredit: Chris Balcombe – The Sun
And sign up to The Sun’s Give It Back campaign.
Sun meets Ollie Kowal and family who are backing Give It Back campaign for more government funding


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