Meghan Markle’s dad Thomas was ‘awful father’ and must never be allowed into Archie’s life, his ex-wife says

Meghan Markle's dad Thomas was 'awful father' and must never be allowed into Archie's life, his ex-wife says

MEGHAN Markle should keep estranged dad Thomas out of her life after the birth of her son Archie, his first wife has warned.
Roslyn Markle, 73, has broken her silence on Prince Harry and Meghan’s relationship to allege Thomas was an “awful father” who didn’t show much interest in their three kids.
The Mega Agency Roslyn Markle, Thomas’ ex-wife, accused Meghan’s dad of being neglectful and cheating on her, including with one of her family members
Associated Press She says Meghan should not build bridges with her estranged dad and allow him into Archie’s life
Thomas Markle with Meghan when she was a baby – Roslyn says he was an ‘awful father’
She accused the Duchess of Sussex’s dad of cheating on her during their marriage between 1964 to 1975 before Thomas had Meghan with second wife Doria Ragland in 1979, before separating in 1987.
Roslyn believes Meghan shouldn’t let Thomas into Archie’s life as a grandad, fearing his ways haven’t changed.
She claims Thomas was unfaithful with one of her relatives, yelled abusive language at her and wouldn’t let her have cash, forcing her to shoplift for food.
Thomas, 74, strongly denies all of the accusations.
Roslyn says he can’t be trusted and is speaking out now out of concern for Meghan rather than bitterness over Thomas.
She met him at a house party in Chicago in the summer of 1963.
Roslyn was working as a clerk in the Illinois Railroad Company while Thomas was at WTTW studios.
She says she was impressed by his charming smile and she was soon pregnant with their first child, Samantha.
They married and moved into a small one-bed flat in Chicago — but the happy life together Roslyn hoped for soon fell apart.
Roslyn, who now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, told The Mirror: “As I was no longer working, Tom’s paycheck was the only money coming in.”
She says he would scream at her to get a job of her own if she ever asked for cash to buy nappies or food for their kids.
Roslyn added: “I can still see the look in his face and how he’d clench his teeth in anger.
“Although he was never violent, Tom would often lose his temper.”
“He would scream, ‘F*** you’. ‘F*** off’. ‘Leave me the f*** alone’ or ‘Get the f*** out of here. Everything was ‘f***’. He called me a f****** c*** a lot.”
Roslyn hoped the situation would improve when she became pregnant with their second child, Tom Jnr, in 1965.
But she claims they only got worse, with Thomas driving Roslyn and the children to his mum’s house in Pennsylvania where he “abandoned” them and wouldn’t send money.
Thomas’ parents were said to have talked him into coming and getting them eventually — but he was still neglectful when they arrived back in Chicago.
It was then that Roslyn said she started stealing food to give to the kids.
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She also alleged he was living an indulgent single life when out of the family home, being promiscuous and taking cocaine.
Responding to Roslyn’s allegations, Thomas said: “These accusations about my relationship more than 40 years ago with my first wife are not valid.
“None of them.”

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