Meghan Markle and Prince Harry misled us over birth

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry misled us over birth

SO what was all that about then?
A couple of weeks ago, that most “woke” of royal couples, Meghan and Harry, made a self-important statement to say there would be no statement about the forthcoming birth of the 48 squillionth in line to the throne.
Reuters Meghan and Harry’s baby announcement was full of smoke and mirrors nonsense, says Jane Moore
The nation stopped what they were doing for a moment, muttered “Yer what?” then gave a collective shrug and carried on trying to pay the bills.
Then came yesterday’s weird stage management of what could have been a simple “They’ve had a healthy baby boy” statement made at a time that suited them.
Instead, at 2pm, Buckingham Palace announced that the Duchess of Sussex was “in labour” then, 40 minutes later, followed it up with the news that it was a 7lb 3oz boy who, it later transpired, had arrived in the world in the early hours of that morning.
So why the smoke and mirrors nonsense? It begs the question: If they put out misinformation about something so innocent, why should we believe what they say in any future statements?
As the old saying goes, “Don’t start drama and then say you hate drama”.
Prince Harry has a special place in our hearts for many reasons
Prince Harry has a special place in our hearts for many reasons, but particularly because he lost his mother at such a young age and was forced by royal duty to walk behind her coffin in full view of the world — a move that, today, seems even more unthinkable than it did then.
So it’s understandable that he wanted to keep that most private of moments — the birth of his first child — out of the public gaze for a few precious hours. Fair enough.
Equally, no one was much bothered whether or not Meghan came out on the steps of a hospital 20 seconds after giving birth. Each to their own and all that.
But being Hollywood-style “woke” means you can’t just quietly get on with it and let your actions speak for themselves.
No, you have to make grand declarations about your right-on credentials, such as “climate change is a very important issue” or “racism is abhorrent” as if, by not making such virtue-signalling statements, the rest of us disagree and need to be enlightened.
And so, rather than just announcing the birth when it suited them, they issued a rather pompous and bewildering press release to tell us in advance that they wanted to “keep the plans around the arrival of their baby private”.
As if the Press and public were constantly banging on the door of their easily accessible, terraced house, demanding to know if little Wayne or Waynetta had arrived yet.
This push-back, following as it did the very public ghosting of Meghan’s father Thomas, risked alienating those members of the public with a genuine fondness for the prince and his new wife.
But happily, all the nonsense was forgotten the moment Harry bounded in to the stables area at Windsor Castle, where a select few of the world’s media were assembled.
As the horses behind him gazed disinterestedly into the middle distance, his obvious delight at becoming a father was written all over his face.
This was the Labrador puppy-esque Harry of old
This was the Labrador puppy-esque Harry of old, and thanks to his excellent “How women do that is beyond comprehension” remark, he’s now firmly reinstated as the uncomplicated, cheeky chappie we all have a soft spot for.
So, a heartfelt congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the birth of their first child.
And moving forward, perhaps a little less of the stage-management and self-important virtue-signalling would be wise.
In other words, take a leaf out of our admirable Queen’s book and just show us what you’re made of, rather than tell.
The nonsense was forgotten about as soon as Harry bounded into the stables area at Windsor Castle
Prince Charles says, ‘So are we!’ after royal fan in Germany shouts, ‘We’re so happy about the baby news!’
This is a class war…
PRINCESS CHARLOTTE celebrated her fourth birthday last week with a party at Kensington Palace.
One can only imagine what a hot ticket that was at her primary school.
EPA Princess Charlotte’s birthday party would have been the event to be seen at
Not among the children, silly. I mean the parents.
The fevered anticipation at school pick-up time must have been palpable.
Is there a gilt-edged stiffy (slang for a posh invite, as you ask) in the backpack or not?
Should they wait until they’re in the car before looking?
Or should they just fall to their knees in the playground right now for a spot of desperate, unseemly rummaging?
In the event, Prince William described it as “a rowdy party” which suggests that he and Kate swerved any potential breach of social etiquette by inviting the whole class. Phew.
Disastrous selfishnessWITNESSES on board the Aeroflot plane that burst into flames in Russia say some passengers lost their lives because others blocked the exit aisle while trying to retrieve bags from the overhead lockers.
If I had been trapped behind them, each and every one would have had my boot marks on their backs as I unapologetically propelled them towards the escape chutes.
But of course, small children, the elderly or infirm would have had no chance in the face of such disastrous selfishness.

The champions
QUEEN the band are now richer than our actual monarch following the worldwide success of their movie Bohemian Rhapsody.
Guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor are the brains behind the biopic, which focuses on former frontman Freddie Mercury, who died in 1991.
Noble – Draper John Deacon knows what he’s doing, benefiting from royalty cheques while living a quiet life
But perhaps the smartest of them all is bassist John Deacon, who, despite being asked to be involved in the planning and production of the movie, didn’t even reply to the email – preferring to live a non-famous, quiet life in West London with his wife and kids.
While still benefiting from the enormous royalty cheques, of course.
Stasi Government
SO let’s get this straight.
Former Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson was sacked from his post based on accusations from people unknown and “evidence” he’s not allowed to see.
This Government is getting more like the Stasi with each passing day.

Who let fly over Emma?
EMMA THOMPSON has been branded a “first class hypocrite” after lecturing the rest of us on climate change then hopping on a commercial jet.
Was she on a mercy mission to the socialist haven of Venezuela, where the political and economic crisis has resulted in violence and helpless families being wracked by poverty and death?
AFP or licensors Emma Thompson hopped on a commercial jet after lecturing us all about climate change
Nope, thought not. She was on her way to New York for business meetings.
But hey, do as I say, not as I do. Isn’t that the luvvie way?
The surreptitiously taken photo of her in seat 2F was accompanied by exquisite detail of her Laurent-Perrier champagne and beef carpaccio consumption.
And according to one report, her share of the carbon dioxide generated by the flight was “the same as that emitted by heating an average house for nine months”.
While I could extrapolate for hours (seconds, surely? – Ed) on climate change data and its possible outcomes and solutions, I instead find my attention drifting towards the more compelling conundrum of . . . who nobbled Dame Emma at 35,000ft?
Given that the first-class compartment of the BA jet only seats 14, it has all the makings of an excellent TV mystery in which all the exits are sealed, Miss Marple comes on board, and the perpetrator is eventually unmasked.
Except, in this case, they’d be a national hero.
Still dancing
STRICTLY dancer Katya Jones has reportedly been demoted from having a celeb pairing in the next series because her snog with last year’s partner Seann Walsh was deemed “unprofessional” by BBC bosses.
Yet there she is, currently strutting her stuff on the nation’s theatre stages as part of the brand’s offshoot tour called . . . Strictly Come Dancing: The Professionals.
Go figure.

Let’s see Moore of Bond hunk
DANIEL CRAIG’s hunky stuntman has been causing a few hot flushes among the nation’s menopausal women (#metoo).
Splash News The hunky Bond stuntman has been getting hearts racing
Jean-Charles Rousseau (yep, he’s handsome and French) has been photographed on location in Jamaica, where filming has started on “Bond 25”, as it’s currently known.
He was driving a Land Rover, but quite how many other stunts he will perform on Mr Craig’s behalf remains to be seen.
Meanwhile, it reminds me of the incorrigible Sir Roger Moore who, when I asked whether he used stuntmen during his time as Bond, replied: “Yes, but I did all my own love scenes.”
Getty Images – Getty Daniel Craig returns for ‘Bond 25’
Alamy Roger Moore once said he did ‘all his own love scenes’
NO REUSE James Bond star Daniel Craig seen filming scenes with stunt double for the first time in his last outing as 007



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