Meghan dazzles in Dior as she and Prince Harry attend banquet in Morocco

Meghan dazzles in Dior as she and Prince Harry attend banquet in Morocco

The Duchess of Sussex has called on women ‘to challenge everywhere in the world’ as she dazzled in a bespoke Dior kaftan in Morocco.
A traditional Moroccan five-piece band played as she and her husband Prince Harry swept into the ambassador’s residence hand-in-hand as part of the their three-day tour.
Meghan, who is thought to be around seven months pregnant with her first child, complemented the look with a satin clutch, also by Dior, and a pair of £6,950 earrings.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended a banquet at the British ambassador’s home on Sunday evening  (Picture: PA)

Meghan glittered in a custom Dior gown (Picture: PA)

They were greeted by the ambassador’s two daughters, Orla, 12, and Elsa, eight, who handed the Duchess bunches of roses (Picture: PA)They are the guests of ambassador Thomas Reilly and his wife Leah, on a visit to the city of Rabat, which has faced a number of recent riots.
They were greeted by Mr Reilly’s two daughters, Orla, 12, and Elsa, eight, who handed the Duchess two bunches of roses.
Meghan then introduced her husband, and told them: ‘This is Harry’, before the Duke shook both their hands.
The couple have been meeting inspiring people from across Morocco, including disabled athletes, young leaders and people from local girls’ education and sport.
They were given a traditional rosewater greeting as they entered the door of the house before being introduced to their fellow dinner guests for the night.

Meghan was handed roses by the two young girls  (Picture: PA)

She and Harry are currently on a three-day tour to Morocco  (Picture: PA)

(Picture: Reuters)Meghan has made women’s empowerment a key part of her campaigning work, and she called on women to ‘challenge everywhere in response to Meriem Bensalah, chief executive of a finance and agricultural firm called the Holmarcom Group.
Ms Bensalah told Meghan that Moroccan women had made great advances towards equality but still faced disadvantages.
Earlier today, Meghan was honoured with a temporary henna tattoo by a student from a house run by a charity that builds dormitories near schools to reduce school drop-out rates among girls aged 12 to 18.
Theresa May attempts to play pool during downtime at EU summitThe design – a number of flowers stretching up the Duchess’s arm – was said to be a good luck gesture for her pregnancy.
Samira Ouaadi, 17, created the design and when the artwork was finished the duchess looked down and said: ‘That’s really lovely.’
Samira said: ‘It’s tradition for pregnant women in Morocco to have a henna tattoo.
‘We do it for major celebrations like getting married or having a baby.
‘It’s like the plant of paradise so we use it to mark all major occasions.’

The Duchess enjoys a chat with some of the other attendees (Picture: Andrew Parsons / i-Images)

The couple were given a traditional rosewater greeting (Picture: Getty)

Tomorrow they will be attending a horse riding event (Picture: John Rainford/WENN)Harry and Meghan were also met by students waving the flags of Morocco and Britain as they arrived at the boarding house as part of the trip focused on gender equality.
On Monday, the Duke and Duchess will attend a horse riding event in the capital Rabat involving horse therapy for children with special needs, followed by a cooking event and a meeting with young social entrepreneurs.
The couple is also expected to meet a member of the Moroccan royal family later in the day at a palace in Rabat.
The visit to Morocco is the second to the kingdom in recent years by a member of the royal family, following a trip by Prince Charles in 2011.
Queen Elizabeth visited Morocco in 1980.


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