McVitie’s has launched two new types of Digestive biscuits

McVitie's has launched two new types of Digestive biscuits

(Picture: McVitie’s/ Getty)Digestive biscuits are the ultimate biscuits to dip into tea – don’t fight us on this.
And so we’re delighted to hear that McVitie’s has launched a new range of Digestive biscuits in a couple of new flavours.
Introducing: The Digestive Twists.
The Digestive Twists feature a number of flavour concoctions, including Chocolate Chip & Caramel Bits, and Chocolate Chip & Coconut.

(Picture: McVitie’s)Both packets cost just £1.25 and you will be able to find them in Asda from this month, and then in Tesco in May and Morrisons in June.
In other foodie news, you can also now buy white chocolate Mini Eggs in the UK.
The Cadbury White Mini Eggs are currently a limited edition over in America, and aren’t available in UK stores (because we can never have good things, can we?)

(Picture: McVitie’s)But you can actually buy them over here, as people are selling them on eBay for £5.31.
Yes, that’s a lot of money for a bag of chocolate but it is a limited edition American item.
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Oh, and that’s not all you’ll be paying.
You’ll have to fork out a further £17.33 for postage. So yes, you will be paying just under £25 for a packet of chocolate, which is outrageous.
But hey, it depends how much you want it, right?
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