McDonald’s US-themed menu bust daily limit for calories and fat in ONE meal

McDonald's US-themed menu bust daily limit for calories and fat in ONE meal

McDONALD’S latest range is stuffed so full of calories and fat that just one meal busts the recommended limits for a day.
The new Kansas City Stack burger with large fries and a choc shake contains 1,630cals and 71g of fat, including 27g of saturated fat.
Louis Wood – The Sun McDonald’s Mississippi burger, plus fries and shake, includes 1,586 calories and 4.19g of salt
Daily recommended maximums are as little as 1,600cals, 70g of fat, 30g of sat fat for men and 20g for women.
MaccyD’s meal also has 5g of salt and 72.8g of sugar. Daily limits are 6g and 30g, respectively.
It is part of a calorie-packed US- themed range, which includes Mississippi and New York stacks.
Paul Evans, of the British Obesity Society, said: “It’s time the Government took action to ban products like these that damage the heart and cost lives.”
Last week the British Heart Foundation revealed there were 42,384 deaths of under-75s caused by heart and circulatory diseases in 2017, up from 41,042 in 2014.
Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum told us: “ Following this week’s appalling news it is tragic that McDonald’s still running this promotion.
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“Worse still, the company has had the gall to justify its burgers with this excess level of fat. No-one needs it.
“If the company is committed to help customers make choices that are right for them, they should be making them healthier.”
McDonald’s said: “We clearly display nutritional information to enable customers to make an informed choice.”
McDonald’s Kansas City Stack contains 1,630 calories, 27g of saturated fat and 5.09g of salt
The New York stack has 1,712 calories, 26g of saturated fat and 5.29g of salt
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