McDonald’s Monopoly – the menu items with the most amount of stickers revealed

McDonald’s Monopoly - the menu items with the most amount of stickers revealed

MCDONALD’S customers on the hunt for Monopoly tiles can give themselves a better chance of winning by ordering food that comes with the most stickers.
A Mini Cooper, £100,000 cash and PS4 Pro games console are just a few of  theprizes up for grabs this year.
Alamy McDonald’s large meals no longer come with three tiles – now there are only two
The fast food chain has slashed the number of stickers on large meal items from three to two this year, in a bid to help customers make healthier choices.
And for the first time, McDonald’s Monopoly players will find game pieces on carrot bags and sides such as salads as well as wraps.
But some menu items come with no tiles at all – which you’ll need to avoid if you want to be in with a chance of winning.
The most tiles one food item will have is three, so we’ve had a dig around the menu to find what you need to order to boost your chances of finding the rarest game pieces.
Many of McDonald’s menu items don’t come with any stickers on them
Any drink as part of a meal, fizzy soft drink and Big Flavour Wrap come with three tiles on the packaging, while a side of fries or mozzarella dippers will only get you two.
Customers with a sweet tooth will only get two tiles on their Creme Egg or Caramel McFlurry, but if you order a chicken and bacon salad or chicken salad for your main course you’ll triple your chances of winning.
You might need to tweak your usual order to maximise your chances.
For example, if you regularly go for a six-piece chicken nugget meal then you’ll get five tiles (three for the drink and two for the fries).
McDonald’s Players collect tiles and match them up on a Monopoly board to win prizes
But a three piece chicken selects meal comes with eight (three each for the chicken and drink, and two for the fries).
You should also consider swapping your fries, which are worth two game pieces, for a shaker salad, which comes with three tiles, when ordering a meal deal to increase your chances.
You should also be prepared to skip the Big Mac or McNuggets too because neither come with any stickers at all, so you could be missing out on up to three tiles in a meal deal.
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That means that ordering a meal will only get you four stickers, compared to a seven stickers for one with a Big Tasty.
There are other ways you can increase your chances of winning such as using the online game codes at off-peak times.
You can also nab other people’s tiles from discarded packaging by “wombling”.
YouTube stars try to win on McDonald’s Monopoly

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