McDonald’s is launching millionaire’s shortbread frappes and iced lattes

McDonald's is launching millionaire's shortbread frappes and iced lattes

MCDONALD’S has started selling two ice cool new drinks in time for summer: a frappe that tastes like millionaire’s shortbread and classic iced lattes.
The £1.99 iced lattes are available all year round, while the £2.59 Millionaire’s Frappe is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.
McDonald’s McDonald’s is launching new iced lattes and millionaire’s shortbread frappes
Iced lattes are a staple on coffee shop menus so it seems a bit odd that McDonald’s hasn’t launched the drink in the UK until now.
Other countries, including the US and China, have had the drink on the McDonald’s menu for about a decade.
But we’re glad they’re finally an option for coffee lovers over here too.
And better still, the drink is 71p cheaper than at Starbucks, where a Tall Iced Caffe Latte can set you back £2.70.
McDonald’s It’s weird that iced lattes have never been on the McDonald’s UK menu until now
McDonald’s The new frappe is perfect for fans of chocolate and caramel
It’s also 56p cheaper than a £2.55 Primo Iced Latte from Costa.
At 94 calories per drink, it’s also lighter than its rivals.
Starbucks’s tall iced latte contains 102 calories while Costa’s primo drink contains 103 calories when both are made with semi-skimmed milk as standard.
Meanwhile, fans of chocolate and caramel might be tempted by the new Millionaire’s Frappe.
A cold take on McDonald’s popular Christmas drink, the Millionaire’s Latte, the frappe is caramel biscuit flavoured that’s blended with chocolate and caramel pieces.
It’s then topped with chocolate cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce.
Unlike the ice lattes the frappes don’t contain coffee.
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It sounds delicious.
And it’s also cheaper than equivalent drinks at Starbucks and Costa.
Starbucks’ Caramel Frappuccino costs £3.50 – 99p more than McDonald’s drink.
And Costa’s Salted Caramel Crunch Frostino costs £3.45 – 96p more expensive.
But McDonald’s new frappe is more calorific than Starbucks’ frappuccino at 286 calories compared to 280 in its rival’s drink, including cream.
It’s lighter than Costa’s Frostino though, which contains a hefty 415 calories per portion if made with whipped cream.
Both drinks are already on sale now.
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It’s all change on the menu at McDonald’s at the moment, as the chain has brought back its Great Taste of America burgers too.
And last week, we revealed how McDonald’s is bringing back its Aero and mint Aero McFlurry, after four years of pleading from fans of the dessert.
The fast food giant is also running a rare money-off deal until May 5.

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