McDonald’s fans fury over ‘missing’ Monopoly stickers on nuggets and burgers

McDonald's fans fury over 'missing' Monopoly stickers on nuggets and burgers

“GUTTED” McDonald’s fans have slammed the chain for not including Big Macs and chicken McNuggets in this year’s Monopoly game.
The competition has been given a shake up this year after MPs and campaigners slammed the annual hunt for encouraging obesity.

It’s already slashed the number of stickers on large meal items from three to two this year – the same as medium meals – in a bid to help customers make healthier choices
And for the first time, diners will find game pieces on salads, fruit bags and packets of carrots.
Yesterday, we revealed which menu items have the most amount of stickers on them, and what ones have none at all, including the Big Mac and chicken McNuggets.
McDonald’s told The Sun that neither of the signature dishes have ever featured in the game but that hasn’t stopped customers from being disappointed.
Twitter One customer went as far as to call it a “scam” even though the menu items have never featured in the game

Nathan on Twitter wrote: “Maccies Monopoly is such a scam, how can you order a big mac and get no stickers on it??”
Another user said that it made her “very sad” that her favourite order isn’t featured in the game.
Tom Croft said: “The biggest robbery in the world is that there’s no Monopoly stickers on a box of 20 chicken nuggets.”
“It bugs me that McDonald’s don’t put Monopoly stickers on chicken nuggets,” said Marth.
Gaz said: “The fact you don’t get any Monopoly tokens with 20 chicken nuggets is ludicrous. Sort it out @McDonaldsUK”.
Twitter Customers can order chicken McNuggets in boxes of six, nine and 20
Twitter Big Macs and chicken McNuggets have never featured in the Monopoly game
Twitter Some customers feel the bigger boxes of chicken nuggets should at least come with Monopoly tokens
Twitter Jem said she was “very sad” that the Big Mac doesn’t come with Monopoly stickers
The Big Mac is one of the most ordered Maccies burgers in the UK, while McNuggets are so popular that you can order them in boxes of six, nine or 20.
The burgers that do feature in the game are the Chicken Legend, Big Tasty or any burger from the Signature Collection which all have three stickers on them.
But even if you do order a Big Mac or chicken nugget meal you’ll still get five stickers because the fizzy drink has three and there are two on the fries.
To maximise your chances of winning big, you should order a something like a Big Flavour Wrap or Chicken Selects with a Salad Shaker which will get you nine tokens.
The Sun has contacted McDonald’s for comment.
There are other ways you can increase your chances of winning such as using the online game codes at off-peak times.
You can also nab other people’s tiles from discarded packaging by “wombling”.
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Some game pieces will be instant prizes, such as a free drink or a burger, and there will also be an online game piece, which can be redeemed for an online voucher or prize.
This year, the top prize is £100,000 cash but disappointingly, the number of prizes on offer has been squeezed.
The main game pieces to look out for will be part of a traditional double or triple set, where the prizes are much bigger.
But it also means they’re harder to come by – these are the rare pieces that you need to look out for to boost your chances of winning.
YouTube stars try to win on McDonald’s Monopoly

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