McDonald’s fan has Monopoly code stolen after posting pic on Snapchat

McDonald's fan has Monopoly code stolen after posting pic on Snapchat

A TWITTER user has revealed why you should NEVER share a picture of your McDonald’s Monopoly sticker on social media in a hilarious warning.
The user, known only as Zelda, revealed how one of her sneaky followers stole her prize after spotting the code on Snapchat.
Instagram/McDondalds Winners of McDonald’s Monopoly can cash in their prizes using a unique code
Zelda had picked up a winning sticker that entitled her to either six chicken nuggets or a McChicken Sandwich.
The happy customer then took to Snapchat to show off her winnings – only for one of her followers to nab the code and cash in the prize before she had a chance.
Explaining what had happened, the Twitter user quipped: “Someone screenshotted and used my code, how is your day going?”
Thousands of people liked the hilarious tweet, and many shared their condolences with the poster.
One wrote: “I’ll fund a box of nuggets for you if you want. You deserve better.”
Zelda joked: “Literally I’m so angered I may riot.”
While many shared Zelda’s frustrations – one follower seemed jealous she’d won the chicken prize at all.
Queen V wrote: “S*** all I win is ice cream.”
Winners of the McDonald’s Monopoly can cash in their prizes using a unique code on each sticker.
The code can only be used once – so if someone cashes yours in for you, you’re out of luck.
A McDonald’s Spokesperson said: “It’s great to see people taking part in Monopoly at McDonald’s and celebrating their wins on social media.
“We would advise that customers claim their prize before they share their game piece code online.”
Dozens of prizes are on offer in this year’s Monopoly – including a Mini Cooper, a PS4 Console and £100,000 cash.
McDonald’s this year slashed the number of stickers on large meal items from two to three in a bid to encourage people to make healthier choices.
And for the first time, customers will also be able to find stickers on the side of healthy menu items – such as carrots and side salads.
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McDonald’s fans have been furious over “missing” Monopoly stickers on nuggets and burgers this year.
Earlier this week, the total number of each McDonalds’ Monopoly prizes were revealed – and how to increase your changes of winning.
Here’s also a round-up of the rare McDonald’s Monopoly pieces you need to look out for to boost your chances of scooping up the big prizes.
McDonald’s April Fools’ Day pranks include milkshake sauce pods for fries and The McPickle

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