McDonald’s ditches ‘sticky’ Monopoly tokens to make the game ‘more digital’

McDonald's ditches 'sticky' Monopoly tokens to make the game 'more digital'

MCDONALD’S fans have been left bemused to find the peelable stickers they’re collecting for its Monopoly prize game aren’t actually sticky – and McDonald’s has revealed why.
Fastfood lovers have until April 30 to collect peelable “tiles” on McDonald’s food and drinks wrappers that represent squares on the classic version of Monopoly.
Getty Images – Getty McDonald’s fans are disappointed to find the peelable tokens aren’t sticky
Some game pieces will be instant prizes, such as a free drink or a burger, but others you’ll need to collect before you can redeem a prize at tills – with the biggest prize a whopping £100,000.
But as the peel off tokens aren’t sticky it means collectors are either losing them or finding it frustrating that they can’t stick them onto the boards that are available as part of the game.
Last year was the first time McDonald’s ditched its sticky tokens and despite fans being unhappy about the move it’s still not brought them back.
One fan tweeted: “Literally holding on to all those tiny tokens until you get a set! I’ve put mine in a pile and folded into the monopoly board leaflet.
“It’s a pain in the a**e for sure!”
Facebook The peelable tokens are small and easy to lose
Another said: “Am I the only one struggling to peel the sticky bit off the back of the stickers to attach them to the boards?”
While someone else wrote: “Just spent 15 minute trying to peel the back of the McDonald’s monopoly stickers to stick them down and turns out they’re not even sticky this year”.
One user has even resorted to good old fashioned Sellotape to make sure they don’t lose their tokens.

McDonald’s fans have resorted to Sellotaping their tokens down
And it’s not just the lack of a sticky back that’s frustrating users – some can’t even peel the tiles off to begin with.
One Twitter user wrote: “Am i weak or are the McDonald’s monopoly stickers SO HARD TO PEEL!”
Another said: “Bet McDonald’s Monopoly Mayfair is on one of them stickers you can’t peel and end up ripping the whole thing off”.
McDonald’s Monopoly fans are also finding it hard to peel the tokens off
Why has McDonald’s ditched the stickers?
McDonald’s has been tweeting back fans to say it’s decided to make the game “even more digital” this year with prizes available to be won and redeemed online, and this is why it’s moved away from the stickers.
In one tweet the fastfood chain said: “We decided to make on Monopoly game even more digital.
This year Monopoly prizes can be won and also redeemed online, so to play, customers will need to enter the codes or scan the game pieces when using the Monopoly website.”
Another said: “After careful consideration and following extensive research with focus groups, we decided to make on Monopoly game even more digital.
“As such, the Monopoly game pieces that are attached to the labels on promotional packaging no longer have an adhesive sticker on the back.”

McDonald’s says it’s focusing on making the game more digital going forward
When The Sun put this to McDonald’s it told us that the pieces aren’t designed to be stuck on the boards and says it encourages users to keep their pieces safe.
McDonald’s also said it’s not heard many users reporting problems with their “Peely Peely” tokens.
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