McDonald’s ditches plastic McFlurry lids

McDonald's ditches plastic McFlurry lids

MCDONALD’S has ditched plastic lids on McFlurries in an attempt to help the environment – but is keeping the plastic spoons.
The fast food chain has redesigned the packaging on its ice creams and salads in a move it hopes will cut out 102 metric tons of plastic a year.
6 McDonald’s is changing the McFlurry packaging so it doesn’t have a lidCredit: McDonald’s
It means that from September, McFlurries, shaker salads and salad meals will come in a pot made from “carton board” which is completely recyclable.
Half of the material is made from recyclable content and the coating designed to keep the pots rigid is also environmentally friendly.
But some customers have pointed out that the desserts will still come with a non-recyclable plastic spoon.
One fan wrote on Twitter: “Err… clearly spoons didn’t get considered?? @McDonald’s #EpicFail”.
6 Despite ditching the lid, McFlurries will still come with a plastic spoonCredit: McDonald’s
Another said: “McDonald’s latest dumb idea, replacing the plastic lids on McFlurry’s but still keeping plastic spoons.”
Elliott Bunker wrote: “@McDonalds great step forward, now just get rid of those huge plastic spoons!.”
One customer promised: “@McDonalds get rid of the plastic (not recyclable) spoon for mcflurrys!! They’re so wasteful! I will not purchase another mcflurry until you address this. #recyclable #recycling #plasticwaste #plasticpollution.”
We put the question to McDonald’s who said that they couldn’t get rid of the spoon yet because it’s an essential part of making the McFlurry so fluffy.
6 Some fans felt that getting rid of the lid wasn’t enoughCredit: Twitter
6 Some customers pointed out that the plastic spoon still isnt recyclableCredit: Twitter
6 The new McDonalds packaging will roll out in SeptemberCredit: Twitter
6 Others acknowledged that it was a step in the right directionCredit: Twitter
You’ll have probably noticed that the spoons are hollow – and no, they’re not a straw.
It’s actually so that it can be attached to a machine that mixes the chocolate topping into the ice cream.
McDonald’s say they’re working on getting rid of them though as part of the chain’s promise to serve all food in renewable or recycled packaging by 2025.
Beth Hart, supply chain director from McDonald’s said: “We are committed to listening to our customers and finding solutions with our suppliers that work for them, this is the latest example of that – but by no means the end.
“We continue to look for solutions for our cutlery and lids, for example, but this is great progress.”
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