McDonald’s branded a ‘disgrace’ for packing almost 12 teaspoons of sugar in ‘Easter’ McFlurry

McDonald's branded a 'disgrace' for packing almost 12 teaspoons of sugar in ‘Easter’ McFlurry

McDONALD’S has been blasted for packing about 12 teaspoons of sugar in each special edition Easter McFlurry.
It is double what kids should have in a day.
McDonald’s has been blasted for packing 12 tsp of sugar in each limited edition Easter McFlurry
Alamy Campaigners accused McDonald’s of contributing to the fatal obesity crisis in Britain
The fast food chain has brought back two seasonal flavours of its whipped ice creams, a Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry and a Cadbury Caramel.
The Creme Egg version has 47g of sugar per 150g serving, and the Caramel 44g.
The NHS says the daily limit should be 19g for children aged four to six and 24g for seven to ten-year-olds.
Critics accused McDonald’s of contributing to the obesity crisis.
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Paul Evans, of the British Obesity Society, said: “Many will be eaten by children.”
National Obesity Forum’s Tam Fry added: “That McDonald’s is allowed to get away with selling these kinds of family ‘Easter treats’ is a disgrace.”
McDonald’s said: “Our desserts are designed as treats and our promotional McFlurry is available for a limited time.”
Getty – Contributor Both special editions of Easter McFlurry have double the amount of sugar a child should have in an entire day
Scientists blame working mums for UK’s child obesity epidemic



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