Marks & Spencer releases pink glittery prosecco flavour Easter egg

Marks & Spencer releases pink glittery prosecco flavour Easter egg

(Picture: M&S)Attention, Easter egg lovers: Marks & Spencer has released a Prosecco and berry flavour egg and all of our wildest dreams have come true.
The ‘Proseggo Egg’ has been flavoured with Prosecco, berries and a little salt, and is now on sale for £5.
While it sounds lovely, it also looks pretty great too as it’s glittery, pink and features a hand-decorated swirly design.
The Easter egg was recently spotted on the page Extreme Couponing on Facebook, where people got incredibly excited.
It took M&S Easter Egg Developer Katy Patino over a year to perfect the product as part of the store’s Easter egg collection.

(Picture: M&S)She said: ‘I absolutely love the new and on-trend Proseggo Egg.
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‘We’ve infused luxury milk chocolate with raspberry, blackcurrant and Prosecco for a delicate flavour with floral notes.
‘And, at just £5 you can treat your loved ones to that touch of luxury without breaking the bank.’
This news comes just after we announced that white chocolate was crowned as the best Easter egg in a recent blind taste test.
The Good Housekeeping Institute carried out a huge taste test on Easter eggs in the UK, and rather than the traditional milk chocolate egg, a white chocolate egg was the winner.
The panel said: ‘It’s Lindt you need to buy if you love white chocolate.
‘Irresistible for a reason, Lindt’s White Chocolate Egg with Truffles were a creamy and smooth win for our panel.
‘Plus, this came out as our top scoring egg overall.’
The Lindt White Chocolate Egg was crowned the winner among 226 other competitors from department stores, supermarkets, high-street shops and chocolatiers.
Congrats, Lindt!
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