Man with cobweb face tattoo arrested for ‘hurling cookie at girlfriend’s head’

Man with cobweb face tattoo arrested for 'hurling cookie at girlfriend's head'

A man with a cobweb face tattoo was arrested over claims he pelted a a cookie at his girlfriend’s head, police say.
Wade Smith, 41, who also goes by ‘Tattoo Wade,’ was charged with domestic battery after he launched the ‘hard piece’ of the cookie at his girlfriends forehead on Sunday, leaving a mark.
On his arrest report, police identified the weapon Smith used as ‘Other – Dangerous.’

Wade Smithy, also known as ‘Tattoo Wade,’ was arrested for throwing a cookie at his girlfriend’s head (Picture: Pasco County Sheriff’s Office)When authorities responded to Smith’s Zephyrhills, Florida house, where his girlfriend also lives, they observed a red mark on the victim’s forehead near the hairline.
Smith later admitted to throwing the cookie at his girlfriend without her consent.
Boys aged 2, 3, and 5 ‘never learnt to speak after dad made them live alone’In the past, Smith has been arrested for charges that include aggravated battery on a pregnant person, domestic battery by strangulation, and violation of domestic violence injunctions.
Authorities have not specified what kind of cookie Smith allegedly assaulted his girlfriend with.

Police did not announce what kind of cookie Smith assaulted his girlfriend with, but they confirmed that it was ‘a hard piece’ of the cookie (File Picture: Getty Images)Smith was held at the Pasco County Detention Center where he was released Monday afternoon.


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