Man refuses to go to brother’s wedding because he’s acting like a groomzilla

Man refuses to go to brother's wedding because he's acting like a groomzilla

Is this man the ultimate groomzilla? (Picture: Getty)We’ve all heard about bridezillas – but groomzillas? Not so much.
However, we’ve just been introduced to one – whose brother is now refusing to go to his wedding because of how difficult and unfair the groom is being.
The brother posted to Reddit to share what had happened.
He explained that his 28-year-old brother is getting married at the end of May – which is his birthday.
Apparently, his brother has gone ‘crazy’ over this wedding – even though his fiancée isn’t worrying about it at all.
The poster explained that his brother has given him so many requests, including wearing a beige suit that he picked – which he says makes him ‘look dead’ – and he’s even been asked to gain weight because apparently he is too ‘skinny’.
He’s also been told that he has to take his ear piercings out, and that he isn’t allowed to bring his boyfriend – but can bring anyone but him.
Oh, and he’s been told he has to dye his hair back to his natural colour.

He basically wants his brother to completely change (Picture: Getty)The poster added: ‘He was constantly reminding me there “rules” yesterday we fought about it and I said that I wasn’t going at all.’
Taking to the ‘Am I The Asshole?’ thread on Reddit, the man asked whether he was wrong to refuse to go to the wedding over his brother’s requests.
And so far, the answer has been a resounding no – with many people supporting him, saying that his brother is a serious ‘Groomzilla’ and that he needs to chill out a bit.
One person said: ‘Groomzillas are an extremely rare species, but they do pop up from time to time.’
Another wrote: ‘Agreed. You should invite people to your wedding, you don’t get to invite who you want people to be. The suit seemed somewhat reasonable but everything else wasn’t. If you can’t accept a person as they are don’t invite them.’
Someone else said: ‘If you can’t go to the wedding as youself what’s the point of going? It sounds like he’s embarrassed of you.’
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Another Reddit user added: ‘He wants you to cover up who you are. That’s unreasonable, unfair and ridiculous.’
One person added that while all of the requests were outrageous, the gaining weight one was the most out of order.
They said: ‘Asking you to gain weight is what did it for me. All the rest is inconsiderate and unreasonable and I think you’d be within your rights to refuse based on them. But no one should ever make a change in weight a requirement for attending a function (he shouldn’t be pestering you about it at all). HARD pass on that one.’
What do you think? Do you think the groom’s brother is unreasonable for refusing to attend the wedding? Or is the groom in the wrong? Let us know in the comments below.
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