Man blames hotel hot tub after infected pinky toe is amputated

Man blames hotel hot tub after infected pinky toe is amputated

A holidaymaker is blaming the loss of his pinky toe on a hotel hot tub.
Rob Barlow, 75, and his wife Clare booked the week-long break to Salou in Spain through Tui.
The pair enjoyed some lazy days by the pool before discovering a 33-degree hot tub on the sun deck.

Rob Barlow, 75, was hoping for a week of relaxation in Salou, Spain (Picture: Wales News Service)

But Rob Barlow got a serious infection while on holiday (Picture: Rob Barlow/Media Wales)Rob says he took the plunge into the tub about six times before he was struck down with the shakes in his hotel room.
He said: ‘We discovered the Jacuzzi on the sun deck and started using it because it was nice and quiet.
‘The day before we came home I was shaking and had to get extra duvets out of the cupboard. I really didn’t feel well.
‘When we got back I went to the doctors and they thought I might have a virus. I woke up the next day and my foot had gone black.’
Rob, of Bridgend, South Wales, says he first injured his toe while sitting on the balcony at the H10 Salou Princess resort.

Rob Barlow is blaming the infection on the hot tub (Picture: Rob Barlow/Media Wales)

Rob Barlow’s foot went black after the holiday (Picture: Wales News Service)Clare, 51, patched his toe up with plasters before he enjoyed the rest of the holiday, taking dips in the hot tub.
Rob said: ‘We had been sat on the balcony and somehow I crossed my legs and I nipped the skin on my left foot.
‘Clare cleaned it up a bit and put a double plaster on it and I thought nothing else about it.’
The former debt collector was taken to the Princess of Wales hospital in Bridgend where he was kept in for four days and treated with antibiotics.
He was transferred to Morriston Hospital where he was given the devastating news that his toe had to be amputated.

The toe had to be chopped off (Picture: Wales News Service)The couple complained to Tui after their holiday in August last year but say they are ‘disgusted’ at the lack of response.
Rob added: ‘We have been told it could be another six months before we hear what is going to be done and we are disgusted.
‘I want to warn others so that they think twice about using that hot tub.’
A Tui spokeswoman added: ‘We’re sorry to learn of Mr Barlow’s experience.
‘As this is a serious situation which we are currently investigating, we’re unable to comment further.’


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