Man becomes ‘appletarian’ to prank friends but they stage intervention

Man becomes 'appletarian' to prank friends but they stage intervention

(Picture: Getty)You might’ve heard of a fruitarian – someone who follows a diet consisting primarily of fruits and possibly nuts and seeds.
But fruitarians usually eat a variety of the stuff, to keep it interesting and make sure they’re getting a mix of nutrients.
One man, however, came up with his own concept – an ‘appletarian’ who, you guessed it, only eats apples or apple-based food and drink.
Except, it was all a prank for his friends and girlfriend, and he kept up the act for an impressive three weeks.
Don’t worry though, he made sure to eat other things when they weren’t looking, he revealed on Reddit.
But his worried friends thought he might genuinely be depriving himself of nutrition and decided to stage an intervention.
When he told them it was a prank, none of them believed him, even when he took out a beef jerky from his pocket to prove it.
Sadly for the lad though, his girlfriend even broke up with him because he took the joke too far and ’embarrassed her for a dumb joke’ during a date night where he insisted to the waiter he could only eat apples.

When two appletarians find each other (Picture: Getty)‘I told my friends that I had read on the internet that eating only apples was the healthiest thing for you,’ he wrote.
‘When I first told them they thought I was joking, but they underestimated how committed I would be to a joke.
‘So, whenever in the presence of one of my friends (or friend-of-friends/coworkers/etc who knew them) I was very careful to only be seen eating apples or drinking apple juice/cider. Apples whole, apples diced, apple sauce, the inside of an apple pie, baked apples, candy apples with the chocolate shaved off, etc.
‘Finally, after about a week they bought that I had become an appletarian. They started giving me information about how unhealthy it was to only eat apples and growing increasingly exasperated by it. Some of them even got angry.
‘But I wanted to stick with the joke. Finally, after the end of three weeks, I walked into what I was told was a movie night but was actually an intervention for me.’
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He revealed that he broke out in laughter and told them it was all a joke and ate the beef jerky to convince them.
They didn’t find it funny though. But humour is subjective and plenty of Redditors appluaded the prank, saying include the girlfriend if there is a next time. Others said it was a bit too far.
Anyway, in unrelated news, we looked at why lads do unquestionably stupid things.
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