Make a tidy sum with a job as a cleaner and get flexible, consistent work

Make a tidy sum with a job as a cleaner and get flexible, consistent work

MAKE a tidy sum with a job as a cleaner.
Scrubbing and polishing for a living has never been more in fashion, thanks to social media influencers such as Mrs Hinch and Emily Norris.
Nick Obank – The Sun Abi Olajide founded Posh Cleaners after spotting a gap in the market
Hiring app Job Today has reported a 50 per cent monthly jump in the number of people applying for cleaning roles, as more families hire cleaners and more jobseekers turn their hands to it.
Decluttering roles are also on the rise, with 42 per cent more jobs posted in the wake of the Netflix show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.
Overall, the number of cleaning vacancies posted is up 40 per cent this year, leaving cleaning firms struggling to hire enough staff.
Previously viewed as a stopgap between other jobs, cleaning is now seen as a career for those who want flexible consistent work, say employment experts. Polina Montano, foun­der of Job Today, said: “People are now realising that cleaning can be a viable career path.
Netflix Decluttering and organisational roles are on the rise after Tidying Up With Marie Kondo came to Netflix – Abi says Marie perfectly sums up the rewarding feeling of cleaning as ‘it sparks joy’
“The rise of influencers using technology to create their own movement shows that opportunities can be found everywhere — including in doing everyday chores.”
Cleaning salaries range from the minimum wage up to £13 per hour in London for entry level jobs, while supervisors can earn up to £27,000 a year.
Currently more than 50,000 vacancies are ad­ver­tised nationwide, with roles including part-time, flexible and full-time.
Many cleaners choose to work at night or during school hours to fit around family commitments . . . and it’s also quite ­simple to launch your own small cleaning ­company.

Clever dusterABI OLAJIDE swapped a job as an accountant to set up the successful Posh Cleaners Ltd.
The 40-year-old from Kent explains: “My lightbulb moment came when I hired a cleaning company when I moved out of a rented property.
“When I saw the lack of attention to detail, I knew I wouldn’t get my deposit back so I thought ‘I can do this better’.
“I find cleaning incredibly therapeutic and seeing the results after each clean makes you feel great – in the words of Marie Kondo, ‘It sparks joy’.
“To be a great cleaner, you need attention to detail and a pleasant attitude. You also have to understand a client’s biggest pain points and provide fast solutions.
“To me cleaners are some of our unsung heroes. They take such great pride in their work and make a fantastic impact on our society. I am immensely proud of every one of my cleaning team.”

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Don’t let work be a chore
WEDNESDAY will be International Day of Happiness, so we’ve teamed up with author Royston Guest to reveal how to find joy at work.
Royston, who wrote Rise: Start Living The Life You Were Meant To Lead, gives his advice.
Royston Guest has five golden rules to finding joy at work

Find a purpose, not just a job. Success at work can make you happier in other areas. We change when we create the bridge in our mind between our personal goals, business goals and what we do daily during work.
Be clear about the tensions and trade-offs you’ll accept. Remove the pressure to be someone you’re not or don’t want to be and you remove the potential conflicts weighing you down and the unhappiness that goes with it.
Understand why you do what you do. When you’re able to answer not just WHAT you do, but elaborate the reasons WHY you do it, you’ll tap into your self-motivation.
Set yourself up for success. Establish the mindset, the skillset and the tools to do the job to truly unlock your potential.
Be at your best. Rest and relaxation work hand in hand with being busy. Invest time in both to optimise your mental and physical health.

Rise: Start Living The Life You Were Meant To Lead, out now, published by John Murray Learning.

JobspotGET your career on the right track. Southeastern Trains is taking on engineering apprentices.

TV soap addict?
CALLING all EastEnders fans – the hit soap is looking to hire a story researcher.
The six-month maternity cover role will see the successful applicant research storylines and bring in new characters.
Getty If you are a huge TV soap fan this job as a story researcher might be perfect for you
Applicants need a passion for drama and in-depth EastEnders knowledge – so it’s the perfect excuse to binge-watch your favourite old episodes.

Fun factSTAFF who work in science and mathematics roles are Britain’s biggest keep-fit fans, a new study reveals.
Gym-going staff in these sectors work out between four and six times a week on average, the report from PureGym reveals. Care staff go the least, attending once weekly.

Career gear change
CHANGE up a gear with a career at car finance firm Oodle. The company is recruiting for 60 new roles in tech, marketing, design and data science as it launches a new app.
The majority of the jobs are based at the firm’s new London Product Development Hub – but there are also positions available in Oxford and Cardiff.
CEO of Oodle, Jonny Clayton, says the team are ‘really excited’ to grow their development teams and that they are searching for the right people
Jonny Clayton, CEO of Oodle, said: “At £55billion, the used car market is the biggest retail market in the UK, yet we have not seen the same level of innovation for the consumer as in other retail sectors.
“We’re really excited to grow out our development teams to increase our pace of development and work towards setting the new standards in this market.
It’s important for us to find the right people.”

COUNT yourself in for a job with Santander.
There are 50 degree-level apprenticeships available nationwide in digital and technology solutions, and corporate and commercial banking.

Queen advertises for a Buckingham Palace cleaner on salary of £16k


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