Maggots, years-old pizza and a urine bottle

Maggots, years-old pizza and a urine bottle

A VIDEO game streamer has revealed the world’s most disgusting bedroom as he attempts to clean it for the first time in 14 years.
Seemingly the living embodiment of every negative gaming stereotype imaginable, Jaegerrmeister showed off his hugely expensive gaming rig and the decade worth of disgusting detritus that has grown up around it.
8 Sitting in the heap of rubbish, Jaegerr used a grabber to pick up some of the most unpleasant findsCredit: / jaegerrmeister
8 He gave viewers a brief tour of the room, including his six-foot- deep heap of rubbishCredit: / jaegerrmeister
Five-foot heaps of stinking rubbish contained everything from slices of pizza to crawling maggots.
Answering questions on stream as he picked up rubbish and slowly revealed the floor underneath he revealed the extent of the neglect.
“I moved into this house in 2004 / 2005, and I didn’t clean it. Now it’s this bad,” he told viewers.
At one point he retched as he found something particularly unpleasant behind his computer before quickly shoving it into a bag.
Forced to deny suggestions he’d found a dead rat, he revealed the thing he swiftly disposed of was a piece of rubbish he’d moved only to find “100 dead maggots” underneath.
While digging through the revolting horde, he discovered and showed off pans that seemed to have developed new forms of fungal life.
At one point he could be seen to visibly retch upon discovering a “compacted” bottle of urine.
8 Finding the bottle of ‘compacted’ urine under his desk was a particularly hairy momentCredit: / jaegerrmeister
8 There were live maggots too, which Jaegerr showed to the cameraCredit: / jaegerrmeister
Among the piles of foul-smelling rubbish are thousands of pounds worth of gaming and streaming equipment.
Five large monitors, expensive keyboards with custom lighting and even a full green-screen set-up were revealed, with that green screen previously used to hide the true scale of the horrors behind.
When asked to describe the smell by one viewer, he described it as like an day-old unflushed toilet that had been sprayed with air freshener to cover the stench.
He revealed the long-overdue battle with his life was triggered because it was his birthday.
8 Fans tuning into the stream donated to keep him going as many others expressed disgust and horrorCredit: / jaegerrmeister
8 Pots that once contained food were among the lowlightsCredit: / jaegerrmeister
8 Behind the camera are stacks of expensive computer gear which are just visible in shotCredit: / jaegerrmeister
FABULOUS’ TOP BEDROOM CLEANING TIPSIS your bedroom in a bit of a state?
We’ve rounded up the top tips from The Sun’s Fabulous team about what you should do if you want to keep it clean and keep yourself healthy.
These tips should help keep you safe from dust mites, fungi, bacteria – and deal with the problems caused by dead skin, sweat and your own bugs.

Shower before bed – hygiene expert Dr Lisa ­Ackerley reveals that “if you hop into bed after a day at work, all the germs you’ve been in contact with will share your bed with you.”
Throw back the bed covers and open the windows in the morning – Don’t make your bed right away, because dust mites love warm, moist conditions, so give your bed time to air out and cool down
Wash sheets once a week at 60C – Do this once a week, according to Dr Ackerly, “to kill off mites and germs”.
Wash your pyjamas daily unless you shower before bed
Dry your hair before bed – bacteriologist Dr James ­Colhan explains that “wet hair allows moisture to seep into your pillow creating the perfect environment for unwanted visitors.”
Keep food out of the bedroom – Pest exterminator Paul Berrell says: “Cookies, fruit juice, pizza and toast crumbs attract ants, flies and cockroaches. Even the most careful eater will find it tough to eat without leaving something behind, so snack before hitting the sack.”

Read our full guide to beating bedroom nasties here.

Jaegerrmeister normally streams himself playing popular game World of Warcraft, which is just approaching its own fifteenth birthday.
Activities in the game can take hours at a time, when groups of players team up to take on the game’s toughest challenges.
Just making an in-game character strong enough and well-equipped enough to take on those challenges is also a massive time investment – previously it could take between two and three hundred hours of play time just to get to start the process of acquiring the right equipment.
If you want to continue watching Jaeger’s epic battle either against the foes of Warcraft or the almighty mess, you can find him streaming on
8 By the time Jaegerr called it a night, viewers could even see some of the floor behind himCredit: / jaegerrmeister
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The number of people following him and subscribing to his channel has increased dramatically since the start of the clean-up, with some of the clips of him cleaning up gaining well over 100 times as many views as of him playing Warcraft.
You can currently try the game for free, but gamers need to pay a monthly subscription to carry on after the trial period.
As part of the World of Warcraft’s fifteenth birthday celebrations this year, a ‘Classic’ version of the game is being released, letting players experience the game as it was when it launched.
How can I tell if I’m addicted?THE WHO revealed nine criteria for gaming disorder – if five or more apply to you, you may be officially an addict.

preoccupation with games
withdrawal symptoms when gaming is taken away
tolerance, resulting in the need to spend increasing amounts of time engaged in games
unsuccessful attempts to control participation in games
loss of interest in previous hobbies and entertainment as a result of, and with the exception of, games
continued excessive use of games despite knowledge of psychosocial problems
deceiving family members, therapists, or others regarding the amount of gaming
use of games to escape or relieve negative moods
jeopardizing or losing a significant relationship, job, or education or career opportunity because of participation in games.

Take the test online here.


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