Love Island fans spot Maura’s death-stare at Curtis when he revealed his lies to Amy – The Sun

Love Island fans spot Maura’s death-stare at Curtis when he revealed his lies to Amy – The Sun

LOVE Island’s Maura Higgins last night shot Curtis Pritchard one of the iciest death stares ever witnessed on reality TV.
The 28-year-old grid girl’s eyes appeared to be boring into the ballroom dancer’s soul as he admitted: “I have been lying to Amy.”
11 If looks could kill, Curtis would currently be deceased
11 Maura looked very unimpressed during Curtis’s speech
Maura’s laser eyes didn’t escape the viewers at home, with one writing: “Maura is giving man the death stare.”
Another wrote: “Tonight I learnt that you can actually die from a death stare.”
A third shuddered: “I would not like to be at the end of maura death stare.”
Curtis’s head had been turned in the villa by newbie Jourdan Riane, but eventually the 23-year-old opted to stayed coupled up with Amy Hart.
11 Curtis admitted: ‘I had been lying to Amy’
11 However, Amy was relieved to find he chose to recouple with her
11 They hugged – but their happiness may be short-lived
However, that seemed far from certain during a rambling speech, where he admitted: “A young lady walked into the villa and made me realise a lot of things.
“Over the past four days I’ve found out more about myself and my feeling than ever before and it made me realise I had been lying to myself, and most of all that I had been lying to Amy.
“That’s not a good thing. I just hope everything can be sorted out and this will either make us stronger than ever before or this will break us.”
A nervous Amy eventually shuffled in – and was delighted to see Curtis had chosen to stay with her.
11 Curtis freaked out Amy by saying: ‘We have to talk’
11 Maura was concerned about her pal
11 Amy replied: ‘I think so’
How last night’s recoupling wentDanny coupled with Jourdan
Anton coupled with Belle
Curtis recoupled with Amy
Tommy recoupled with Molly-Mae
Lucie coupled with George
Maura coupled with Marvin
Anna coupled with Ovie
Michael coupled with Joanna
Jordan chose Anna but as she recoupled with Ovie, Jordan is now single
Amber chose Michael but as he recoupled with Joanna, Amber is now single
Maria, Nabila, Lavena, Stevie, Dan and Dennon were dumped from the Island

She gushed: “I’ve thought about him every minute of every day for the past four days.
“The girls are sick of me because I’ve been that girl on the girl’s holiday who’s been like I really miss him.”
However, she was less happy when she told her: “We have to talk later. Don’t worry.”
Maura was seen mouthing: “Are you OK?” to Amy, who replied: “I think so.”
11 Curtis liked Jourdan – before she friend-zoned himCredit: Rex Features
11 Amy kicks off in tonight’s episode
However, the sneak-peek at the end of the show proved things do not do well tonight.
It shows the aftermath of Amy finding out that Curtis nearly chose Jourdan.
The teaser showed her angrily pointing her finger at him and saying: “I was coming back here to tell you I love you.”
He had admitted to Tommy Fury that all had not been well between him and Amy, who were once one of the strongest couples in the villa.
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Curtis said: “I don’t like how sometimes Amy doesn’t do things. I don’t like the fact that Amy is so negative sometimes when she doesn’t need to be because she is talented, she’s smart.
“I don’t like these things. The fact that Jourdan has those things straight away has influenced me and changed my mind.”
However, he went back to Amy after getting friend-zoned, with Jourdan coupling up with Danny Williams instead.


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