Love Island fans praise ‘powerful’ Maura Higgins for calling out Tom

Love Island fans praise 'powerful' Maura Higgins for calling out Tom

Tom got what was coming to him when he faced off to Maura on Sunday night’s show (Picture: ITV/Love Island)Like the stan base she never knew she needed, Love Island viewers had Maura’s back on Sunday night.
Praising the straight-talking Irish girl for standing up to single boy Tom, fans called Maura ‘powerful’ and a ‘badass’ for calling out his ‘disrespectful’ comments in front of his friends.
It all kicked off when Maura overheard Tom telling the boys he wanted to see if Maura was ‘all mouth’ when they went off to The Hideaway for some private time.
The audience said a collective ‘YASS’ when Maura swiftly told Tom to ‘f**k off’ and thoroughly enjoyed her ‘girl power’ moment.

‘I fully stan and support living legend Maura Higgins for f***ing Tom off in front of everyone. Disgusting behaviour from all of the lads in the villa,’ said one fan.
Tom’s telling off had the other boys, including Tommy and Michael, rolling around the daybeds in stitches, especially when he came back to tell them he’d ‘f***ed it.’
It brought the boys down in a lot of people’s estimations, with some asking whether he would have called Tom out on the comment.
Whereas the incident proved to convert many viewers to Maura fans, only a week after her predatory advances towards Tommy were the subject of hudreds of Ofcom complaints.

Many felt like her reaction was justified, saying she doesn’t deserve to be labelled, just because she’s happy to talk about sex.
One said: ‘Presuming she would want to sleep with him just because she spoke openly about sex was awful.
‘The other boys laughing also shows they didn’t realise how disrespectful it was.’
Another agreed, saying: ‘It’s a prime example of how women are objectified for expressing liking sex etc.
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‘Just because a woman is open about her sex life, doesn’t mean she’s open to sleeping with anyone.’
Fans will have to wait until Monday night to find out how Tom and Maura’s night in The Hideaway turned out.
Until then, tweeters were happily imagining the best way Maura could have got her own back, including taking co-star Lucie for a girls’ night in.
Others imagined her ‘starfishing in that hideaway bed drinking champagne from the bottle’.
Unlucky Tom, there may be no coming back from this one.
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