Love dogs? Then you can make pug pancakes this Pancake Day thanks to Asda

Love dogs? Then you can make pug pancakes this Pancake Day thanks to Asda

(Picture: Asda)Pancake day is next week, so it’s time to start planning: we’ll be going for the traditional lemon and sugar, but Nutella and banana is also a winner.
But if you want to make your pancakes a little fun, Asda has released a pancake pan with a pug etched into it so you can create pug pancakes. We know, amazing.
Following on from the sell-out unicorn and flamingo designs which were launched last year, Asda had teamed up with Tefal to bring us the pug version.

(Picture: George/Asda)The pug design on the inside of the pan acts as a stencil so that you can shape your pancakes into a pup while they cook.
The 25cm pancake pan costs £12 and features Tefal’s unique Thermospot system, turning red when the pan is at ideal temperature to start cooking your pancakes.
And don’t worry about making a mess, as the pan is super easy to clean thanks to its Powerglide coating.

(Picture: George/Asda)The product description reads: ‘This funny decorative pancake pan combines advanced features with an exclusive decor.
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‘The Thermo-Spot system lets you know the ideal temperature to start cooking, for perfect results with total ease while the new easy-cleaning Powerglide coating provides longer extra glide.
‘Tefal Graphics is the perfect pancake pan to cook delicious golden pancakes with your children while having fun.’
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