Lord Melvyn Bragg slams Jeremy Corbyn and tells him to quit for the good of the Labour Party

Lord Melvyn Bragg slams Jeremy Corbyn and tells him to quit for the good of the Labour Party

LORD Melvyn Bragg has told Jeremy Corbyn to quit for the good of the Labour Party in a blistering attack.
The Labour peer told The Sun he wasn’t joining the exodus to the Independent Group as he owed it to friends in Labour to try to help “change it from within”.
PA:Press Association Jeremy Corbyn has been urged to quit as Labour leader ‘for the good of the party’
Getty – Contributor Lord Melvyn Bragg says Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is a “different party” from the one he joined
But he ripped into Mr Corbyn for turning Labour into a “different party” from the one he joined.
The broadcaster – famed for presenting the South Bank Show – said: “The fact they cannot root out anti-Semitism is a disgrace.
“If you can’t do that what can you do?
“And then there’s the bullying.
“There are too many reports of bullying to be ignored and to think it’s not a real issue.”
He said: “It’s turning into a different party.
“I think we need a new leader and a new organisation that does the right thing and will represent this country in a way people like.”
But the peer insisted he wanted to stay – not least for the “loyal” friends and people he knew within the organisation.
Sources earlier this week mentioned Lord Bragg in speculation about peers that could join the new Independent Group.
Others said Lord Winston could make the switch.
Melvyn Bragg was appointed to the House of Lords as a Labour life peer in 1998.
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He slammed Jeremy Corbyn last year for his “feebleness” in confronting the anti-Semitism crisis.
At the time, he said: “The virus of anti-Semitism is growing in the UK and Corbyn is in a strong position to stamp it out without any equivocation.
“Jeremy Corbyn’s feebleness on this matter is a disgrace to the Labour Party and shames it’s traditional creed of tolerance, as well as grossly insulting some of our fellow citizens.”
EPA Chuka Umunna was one of the MPs to quit Labour this week to form The Independent Group

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