Little Girl ‘Ashamed’ To Wear Specs Comforted By Parents Sharing Their Kids’ Glasses Selfies

Little Girl 'Ashamed' To Wear Specs Comforted By Parents Sharing Their Kids' Glasses Selfies

All parents know that trying to get children to wear anything they don’t want to wear is like fighting an uphill battle, but what about when they need to see? James Docherty had a dilemma when his daughter recently got glasses, but wasn’t comfortable wearing them out and about. “My wee girl has had to get glasses and she feels ashamed wearing them outside the house,” the dad wrote on Twitter, sharing a photo of his daughter. “Sure she’s beautiful.”[Read More: My 3-year-old needs glasses, why am I so upset?]Even though all adults know children in glasses are adorable (and science even says they are smarter), that doesn’t help when you’re feeling self-conscious in the playground.Thankfully, Twitter pulled through and loads of parents replied, sharing photographs of their children wearing glasses – and looking totally cool. My lad’s worn specs since he was 5. He was the same, but his mates all want glasses now. One of them started pretending he couldn’t see stuff, because “Gabriel’s glasses are sick”— Pegeen Murphy (@PegeenMurphy) February 20, 2019

This is Ella she’s has wore glasses for a while!! Ella loves hers and thinks u look fab in urs!!! Own them! It’s the imperfections that make perfection 😘— Linzie Shand 😀 (@Linzie_1988) February 19, 2019

Even adults shared their wonderful glasses selfies and sent words of reassurance to Docherty’s daughter.Ahh that is heartbreaking to hear she feels that bad. From one glasses wearer to another I think she looks beautiful in her glasses! I love the colour & Duke and Lilly think she looks amazing in them too. Sending love & hugs 👓 💙🐶— PD Duke & PD Lilly (@amydeemo) February 19, 2019

Those are very lovely glasses & she looks very pretty in them! My wee girl wears glasses too, got her first pair when she was 4. She’s all grown up now, we’re all very proud of her and everything she has achieved.. Here’s a picture of her wearing her most recent glasses..— Gillian🦄 (@GillianSproule) February 19, 2019

Mum wears specs and she has since she was 11. Blind as a bat without. She once bent down to stroke a carrier bag. Thought it was a cat.— Woofs With Wilson (@WoofsWithWilson) February 19, 2019

I have been given the very rare permission to post a picture of No.1son, because he wants this lovely young lady to know that people in glasses rock.— Mrs P (@MrsP87622664) February 20, 2019

Oh, and someone posted a photo of their dog wearing specs. Obviously. Doherty later replied to his original tweet, sharing his surprise at how many people sent photos to reassure his little girl.“Unbelievable the amount of love and kindness that’s been thrown at this tweet,” he wrote. “You’ve made a wee girl’s day, thank you so much. Hit me right in the feels watching her wee face seeing all the comments by people and kids with glasses on.”Well done internet.


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